Zhang Yimou's Hero continuity question (spoilers)

Just saw Zhang Yimou’s Hero. Beautiful film with great action and even greater acting and plot. Oh, the visuals.

I really liked it. But being the pedantic that I am, I have to ask:

In the end fight between Broken Sword and Flying Snow, the one where they’re dressed in white, where did they get their weapons? Didn’t they give them to nameless to take to the king? Or is there some flash-back/forward device to explain this?

And does it matter or am I just being obsessed with details?

Flashbacks in Hero? Nah. :slight_smile:

I’d have to rewatch it to make sure, but I think they were swords that were just laying around (no real shortage of 'em in that movie, you know)? Was Broken Sword actually using the weapon that’s his namesake?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure he used the broken one - that’s why I’m asking.

But you’ve made me doubt it - I’ll want to watch it again as well to make sure. Not that I wouldn’t do that anyway…

In that case, yeah, it probably was a flashback. Now you’ve made me want to go watch it again. What a vicious circle this is. :slight_smile: