Zidane head butt thread

This is being discussed in another thread. But I wanted to see a thread just about Zidane.
Taunting and abuse are wrong. But Zidane is not a 6 year old. He has no excuse -no matter what Matterazzi said.
There would be no way that France could have won after Zidane’s idiocy.France lost becuase of Zidane’s idiocy.
I think it is a travesty that Zidane was awarded best player at the tournament. Any player that receives a red card like that in any of the games should have been made ineligble to win the best player award.

Agreed he shouldn’t have lost his temper, but don’t know about it losing the game. It was the last ten minutes and France was on the attack even without him and couldn’t sneak one in. It obviously would have been better for France if he’d stuck it out, but it was likely to go to penalties anyway.

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Zidane was exhausted and playing hurt in a grueling important game. I don’t think what he did was a good thing, but I wonder if I’d be able to keep my cool under the same stress. I don’t think I would.

Zidane had no excuse but he may have had his reasons.

One of the UK news channels ran the Zidane story a few hours ago, employing the services of an Italian lip reader. Materazzi allegedly wished death on Zidane and his family (I believe Zidane’s mother is ill right now) and told him to go fuck himself.

Maybe this will be confirmed in today’s papers.

^^^That’s actually a Tales of Symphonia reference. And I can’t believe that no one’s made a Final Fantasy IX related one. I mean, c’mon… it’s just too perfect.

Zidane’s outburst didn’t lose the game, that is for sure. If Italy had scored in the time remaining, yes you could blame Zidane; but since they didn’t, blaming Zidane is just scapegoating.

That may be a reason, but not an excuse. Years ago Green Bay was playing Pittsburgh. Greg Lloyd just crushed Brett Favre near the end of the game. Favre came to the sideline for one play and puked blood, then went back in and threw the game-winning touchdown.

Not to mention all the games played with a broken thumb on the throwing hand in future games.

What was Zidane’s injury? Or was he just tired?

Probably because only six people played IX and only two of them liked it.

I actually I’ve gotten around to it yet, but its’ definately one of the less popular of the series.

Has Zidane always been this much of a hothead or did he just pick a really bad time to have his first public temper tantrum?

The unfortunate thing is that this outburst is what millions of people are going to remember this guy for.

He has a bad temper. This isn’t even the first time he has headbutted someone according to Sportscenter.

I did! Just on another website.

(Hijack: FF9 gets a bum rap, IMO.)

The simple fact is that he made a huge mistake.

The Times notes that he has been sent off 14 times in the past so he’s no angel.

He stomped on a Saudi player a la Marcus Vick in 1998’s World Cup. Apparently he has some issues.

He said that Zidane was playing “hurt” not “injured”. There’s a big difference; your example is a great one for playing injured. Another one might be Ronnie Lott opting to have the tip of his finger amputated so he wouldn’t have to give up on the rest of the season… or maybe Kerri Strug nailing her vault in the olympics after tearing 2 ligaments in her ankle.

When they brought out a stretcher for Zidane when he hurt his shoulder it made me sick.

Sorry for the hijack. His headbutt was classless as well.

It was a seriously dumb move, but nothing I haven’t seen from countless star athletes before him. Neither side was able to do a thing offensively, so the idea that this cost France the game is extremely tenuous at best (remember, what decided it was the one penalty kick that barely stayed out). These are human beings…these things are going to happen. So long as he takes his medicine, I don’t really have a beef.

Furthermore, if losing one player is enough to bury the team, as far as I’m concerned, it isn’t worthy of the championship. Think of the early years of Hakeem Olajuwon or John Elway. They got close a few times, but they couldn’t carry the whole team to a championship. And neither could Zizou.

An ugly moment, but there was no shortage of that in this World Cup. The right team won the championship; the right team got runner-up. I’m happy with that.

If Materazzi said what he has been alleged to have said then I have extreme sympathy for Zinades reaction. He should have just waited until the match was over…and then hit him twice as hard.

FWIW, that’s actually FIFA policy; they’ve been stricter of late about forcing players off the pitch in order to try and stop them feigning injury to break up play. Bringing out the stretcher tends to force the worst of them to stand up again, because they can’t go, “oh, woe is me, I’m too hurt to move.” And it is marvellous really how pouring some water on an ankle and being near a stretcher makes the lame walk again. Almost instantaneously in some cases! Perhaps there’s a lesson to be learnt for the wider medical community.

Actually, I take that back. The violence wasn’t justified but that was an extreme provocation.

It said in the paper today that yesterday President Chirac praised, amongst other things, Zidane’s ‘fighting spirit’. That’s fantastic!

Immediately before the incident, Materazzi appears to restrain Zidane with an arm around the chest - preventing him from turning to engage the ball; clearly this is the beginning of the whole incident, but nobody seems to be saying very much about the physical contact (concentrating instead on the verbal exchange); doesn’t this restraint constitute foul play of some kind?

Forgive me if this is a pitifully naive question; I don’t normally take any interest in football, but happened to turn the TV on at the exact moment this drama was playing out live.