Zimbabwe Editor Arrested for Poll Rigging Claim

From article on: www.African Crisis.org

Note: The story below merely shows Mugabe’s ongoing crackdown to suppress true press freedom and to prevent news of the real situation getting out of the country.

Getting news from Zimbabwe is not easy. The only news I heard of from old aquaintances there was that blacks had approached them and asked them for the title deeds of their small farm. They are now in their 60’s and their dairy farm is their only source of livelihood.

I suspect many blacks will starve to death, but we’ll only hear about it after the fact.

Source: Independent (UK)
published: Tue 16-Apr-2002

Mr Moyo wrote to Mr Nyarota two weeks ago, asking him to correct another “false” story reporting that a forum of parliamentarians from the European Union and developing countries had called for the presidential election to be re-run. Mr Nyarota refused. The forum later confirmed that the report was correct …

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