Zinc lozenges plus salty licorice = ptui!

Never try to rid your mouth of the aftertaste of an anti-cold virus zinc lozenge by sucking on a dubbel zout salty licorice tablet.

Apparently ammonium chloride mixed with zinc produces zinc ammonium chloride, also known as the flux in the trade, where it is used to galvanize steel. It may also act as a mutagen, according to its MSDS safety data.

It don’t taste nice, either.

Great. I’ve got a cold AND I’m going to mutate. :rolleyes:

Yum. But what if it turns out to cure your cold? And then every time you get a cold you’ll have to do it again?

Wish for invisibility or flight!

You say it tastes bad, but I am a bit put off if you think zinc alone or salty licorice alone are good things. Then I remember that you like Marmite (or was it Vegemite?).

Dubbel zout is good alone. Zinc alone is pretty nasty. Zinc plus dubbel zout is so far beyond nasty it endangers my genome.

Hmmm, maybe I should cleanse my palate with marmite after sucking on the zinc lozenge…

Yeah, that’s the ticket!

I think you’ve missed the most serious possibility: what if your cold mutates? What if it mutates into a plague that will wipe out two thirds of the population of North America? :eek:

The first thing you did wrong was assume that licorice has any business being eaten. It truely is disgusting on its own. Growing a second head or a third arm will serve you right!

Salty licorice is evil. I bought some by mistake on a school trip to Norway 19 years ago and I can still taste it.

He could go the cough/sneeze/kleenex route, even if it does take a week. Of course he could rob modern science of the new cheap cure-all drug of the 21st century:

New from Johnson & Johnson: Sucretzlers!
(Now available at CVS, Walgreens & movie theater lobbies everywhere)
Ebert- “Thats possibly the worst movie I’ve ever seen.”
Roeper- “Are you sure it wasn’t just the Sucretzlers? Aqua-blue is not a good look on licorice…”

BTW I’m currently in the middle of a 5-day course of metronidazole (Flagyl) which makes everything taste nasty - the pills are fine, but you get a nasty aftertaste in your mouth about three hours after taking each one, as it hits your system. Even so, I will not be trying any salty licorice to try and get rid of the taste,

I was recently on the same stuff for two separate rounds of treatment (first 14 days, then 21 days). Hopefully with only 5 days, the aftertaste is the worst you will suffer.

I got a nasty tongue sweater. It wasn’t thrush, just some stupid horrible side effect. Felt weird. Tasted god awful. Pretty sure I had some super bad breath.

Best of luck avoiding that!

But in your case, would adding the salty nastiness make the licorice better? or worse??

QtM… I like much of what you have to say on these boards.

But, well, if I’m ever locked in your kitchen, and my alternatives are to either eat your snack food or starve… I think I’m gonna soon fit into the skinny jeans. I’m just sayin’. :eek: :p.

p.s.: I lurves me some licorice. I tried some salty licorice on a challenge (from these boards, as I recall). As I described it. “that sweet licorice flavor… then a BETRAYAL in my mouth”. Feh. I believe I’d rather munch on a zinc pill.

But I have butter toffee peanuts, and wasabi peas to offer you!

Also jalepeno summer sausage and 11 year old cheddar!

Birch syrup? Candied lemon peel? Oat groats?

Seriously, you probably need a less salty version of salty licorice. Some nice salmiak fish or salmiak rondos. Sweet, salty and licorice!

You can have all my zinc too. I’d rather have a cold.

Wait…the salt on salty licorice isn’t even regular salt, it’s ammonium chloride? That seems somehow unsafe in and of itself…is there some reason they don’t use sodium chloride?

It’s going to be embarrassing if you end up with zinc-based mutant powers.

“The Incorrodible Galvinizer! The man with the power to resist rust!”

You won’t last four issues.

Why would it be unsafe? It’s been used in food products for over a thousand years.

Why should they use sodium chloride instead? It wouldn’t be salmiak licorice if they used sodium chloride. “Salt” can mean many things, and only one of its meanings is sodium chloride.

Well, I tried quite a variety of them (bought an assortment package online) and didn’t much care for any of them. I guess I’m an Aussie / Twizzlers girl at heart.

But the rest of your pantry encourages me. Phew!

I can do ya one better on the lemon peel: I made candied Buddha’s Hand last fall. Yum.

Oh, and I have a cold. I’m not sure I wouldn’t rather have the zinc. But thanks to your research, I know not to chase it with toxic chemical compounds ;).

Yep… “salt” is a generic term. It’s made of a metal (or similar compound) and some other compound (thought it was always a metal and a halogen but Wikipedia suggests it’s broader).

By the way… Sodium chloride has sodium in it. Aluminum has, well, aluminum.

In their pure states, sodium will kill ya a lot faster than aluminum. Much more fun in 10th grade chemistry class, for sure.