'Zoo Brothels' in Europe?

As many of you may already know, Vladimir Putin has a strangle-hold on the Russian media. The whole media is basically controlled by him, and thus he controls people’s thoughts and beliefs too. Must’ve been what George Orwell was talking about in 1984.

Anyways, people’s views in Russia are often all wrong for that reason. Information on homosexuals and other places, is very inaccurate there, for example.

They were even doing a story on this on Prime Time Live. Or was it Dateline NBC? Anyways, I don’t remember and that’s not important. But they were interviewing this Russian man. And he was lamenting how liberal and licentious they were in western Europe. And get this, he said they have “zoo brothels” there too.

I know most of what he was fed by the Russian media was obviously false. But “zoo brothels”? Where on earth did he even get that information from? Did they ever have those in any part of Europe? Do they in fact have that anyplace anywhere in the world?

I think if they did, it would be deplorable. I am in favor of anything involving consenting adults, mind you. But those poor animals, if that’s true. But this is GQ. So I am only looking for a factual answer: Where would you find “zoo brothels” anywhere in the world? And do/did they have them in Europe?


(bolding mine) It is if we want to hear what was actually said, and by whom.

Googling Zoo Brothel turns up a disturbingly large number of hits, most from sites I have no intention of visiting. Here’s one of the tamer ones. It might be wise to take this with a grain of salt:

I honestly don’t remember, and probably won’t ever be able to:). But the basic premise is, they apparently believe (in Russia) there are zoo brothels in Europe. How valid is that statement? Do they in fact have them anywhere in the world?

While I cannot comment on the European question, this is a “thing” we had to deal with in my state about 15 years ago due to unintended consequences due to changes in the law decades earlier.

It was not common, or generally considered acceptable at all. But propaganda typically doesn’t care about that.

Typically the owners of the animals are not aware of the events in the cases I know about.

I always remember hearing about donkey shows in Tijuana, but the internet can only confirm that rumors of them exist, no site in my brief googling would confirm or deny they exist and I am not willing to research it much further.

It’s not difficult to find photos and videos of people raping various animals, but an actual “brothel” where people can pay to have their way? Just rumors as far as I can tell.

Say you’re a bull, stallion, or boar on out of town business. Your evening’s kind of lonely, and you want some excitement. So you going to pick up the first cow, mare, or sow streethoofer you run across? Maybe, but if you have a few extra euros in your pocket, you hie yourself to Madam Zoozoo’s Maison de Zoophilique for some quality barnyard fun.

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I remember years ago, hearing from a young friend who returned from a trip to Europe. He had gone to the red light district of Amsterdam, and he mentioned that there were sections with prostitutes on display in storefront windows – they were sitting in these windows reading a book or watching TV, while wearing scanty robes, pajamas, etc. He remarked that going down this street was like walking through a zoo of women prostitutes!

Could the OP possibly be referring to something like this?

I bet they have zoo brothels in Russia too. They just do not call them that. They call them “farms.”

(or “Duma” If I wanted to be really chaotic evil.)

Denmark definitely had (or maybe has …I have no intention of researching ) establishments in which bestiality was permitted and legally condoned. Hopefully such is no longer the case.

It was on John Oliver a week or two ago.

About 7:45 or so on the video. Completely safe for work.

No. As has already been described, the term refers to places where bestiality is (supposedly) on offer.

OP answered his own question. Someone, somewhere, made it up to persuade gullible people that western Europe (or anywhere else in the world that the Russian powers that be considers a potential competing pole of attraction for their people’s interest and aspirations) is a sinkhole of depravity/corruption/misery/exploitation, etc., etc.

Just as in the old days, they were happily encouraging the idea that Dickens was writing documentaries and that we still put little boys up chimneys and the like.

Although the above statement reads as if factual, it is erroneous. Please read Vedomosti, Kommersant, Novaya Gazeta, Dozhd, The Moscow Times, et al.

Yeah I already know a little bit about the subject (I don’t live in a cave;)). But I was hoping my fellow dopers could tell me something I don’t know. :slight_smile:

I don’t know about Zoo Brothels but certainly a couple of years ago a person/couple/group* of people took the German authorities to court in an attempt to legalise bestiality.

I was taken aback at the brazen lack of shame of these people. So there’s certainly the desire for it out there, and where there’s a market you can be sure someone tries to cater for it.

*I’m not googling to check the details.