Zsuzsanna Zsohar

Did you know Michael Ignatieff’s* wife’s name is Zsuzsanna Zsohar?

I think zshe is part of the zstrategic consonant importazion program. If he doesn’t win, maybe they’ll go back to America and zsettle in Ka’a’ava. Or else he’ll become a zsenator.

*Michael Ignatieff is the head of the Liberal party in Canada. He spent a lot of time in the US and is taking some heat for it in the runup to the next election.

Zso? You think thizs izs funny? You zscoff at zed addictionlike it is nothing. Zed addiction izs a very zserious matter!

Actually, that’s a cool name. I’m still not voting for Ignatieff though. :slight_smile: (He became my MP in Etobicoke South, even though I voted for someone else. Sigh.)

Itt isz immposzibble to havve too manny konsonentts!

That’s the Hungarian version of Susanna. I have an aunt (from Hungary) with that name.

And if you remove the Z’s in hungarian the name is pronounced SHuSHanna SHohar

Yep. You may recognize a variant of the name in Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Zsuzsanna -> Zsuzsa -> Zsazsa/Zsuzsu

(Basically, something like “Susanna -> Susan -> Susie”)