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Old 04-11-2000, 11:37 PM
OralSuppository OralSuppository is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 16
The other night I was bored, so I snorted half a Vicodin (which was mine, legally, from an old broken bone). Save for an occasional drink or toke, I don't often use drugs. I've heard health class warnings about destroying the nasal lining (from blow, etc.), but does snorting half a Vicodin cause any/much damage? It was the first time I had done that; besides tasting it in my throat, I didn't have sinus blockage. So how bad to one's health is the very occasional sniff?
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Old 04-11-2000, 11:46 PM
choosybeggar choosybeggar is offline
Join Date: Apr 2000
What's the generic name of vicodan...I can't remember
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Old 04-12-2000, 12:04 AM
OralSuppository OralSuppository is offline
Join Date: Jan 2000
Posts: 16
Hydrocodene (without the 'i'). However, Vicodin also contains Acetamenophin (sp?), and I think that my generic substitute is just the Hydrocodene. Also, out of pure curiosity, how long does it take to disappear from drug tests? Just wondering.
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Old 04-12-2000, 12:14 AM
choosybeggar choosybeggar is offline
Join Date: Apr 2000
Did it sting much when you snorted it?

As far as your nasal linings are concerned, real damage probably chronic use
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Old 04-12-2000, 05:25 AM
EvilGhandi EvilGhandi is offline
Join Date: Jul 1999
Don't snort your meds sonny. They come in a capsule so's to be easier to swaller.

Seriously though, I once did the same thing after dental surgery. My jaw hurt like a bitch and I figured it would get it into my blood faster. (I also figured chasing it with a beer couldn't hurt either) Ah, the stupidity of youth.

Trust me, you aint doin yourself any favors snorting tylenol. Though I doubt the occasional blast would do any real damage. Use an old cokers trick and snort some water from a recycled nasal spray bottle, then go blow your nose.

The hydrocodone (a form of codeine)portion of the drug is an opiate and should be clear of the urine within a few days. A week would be a safe bet.

In my opinion, codeine is a worthless drug, both recreationally and as an analgesic. It just doesn't pack the punch morphine does and it is always combined with aspirin or tylenol. Perhaps it may have some value as a cough supressent, but if the doc hands me a scrip for it, I pass.
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Old 04-12-2000, 09:46 AM
handy handy is offline
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Location: Pacific Grove, Calif
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If youre snorting those things you could rip open some blood vessels in your nose...also did you check the date on the drugs? Vicotin has to be used pretty soon....
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