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American Idol, Quarterfinal 1 - 21/2/05 - Guys

I call this a "quarterfinal" because this is when they had quarterfinals before. Now the format is different; starting with a dozen guys and a dozen girls, each gender sings against each other and they eliminate 2 of each every week, getting it down to the Final 12 in three weeks. Tonite was Guy-Off #1.

I hope I get the order right:

NIKKO SMITH - Ozzie's little boy was, I thought, quite good, but suffered from the usual disadvantages of being first out of the gate. I've liked him all along and not just because his Dad was a great shortstop. I give him a 7. Is this the kid who did the backflip before the '85 Series?

SCOTT SAVOL - Good voice, not a lot of stage presence. Dude is ugly. Real ugly; he's so ugly, it hurts my feelings. Horrible song choice - his song choice, like a lot of the song choices tonite, was taken from a body of work Mrs, RickJay described as "pussy music." I love my wife.

ANTHONY FEDEROV - I'm not precisely sure how this guy got into the Final 24. Ordinary voice, unimpressive stage presence. Pussy Music Choice #2 on the night. Should be playing left wing for the Bruins with a name like that; maybe the lockout freed him up for AI?

BO BICE, a.k.a. "The Rock Guy Who Looks Older, But They're Really The Same Age" - Started out just okay but finished very well. His voice isn't that great but he stands out tonight as having sung something OTHER than pussy music, and getting the crowd behind him. Good enough to survive the week.

TRAVIS TUCKER - Continuing the baseball theme started by Nikko Smith, Tucker looks exactly like Carlos Delgado without the muscles. Chose a pussy music song, unfortunately, but he's talented and good looking enough to survive it.

CONSTANTINE MAROULIS, a.k.a. "The Rock Guy Who At First You Think Is the Good Looking One But, Really, He's Not" - great song choice and his choice of approach and delivery were spot on. Unfortunately, he's just not that good a singer; will wash out before they cut to the Top 12, but maybe not this week. Looks like a jerk, which never helps with the voters.

DAVID BROWN - Got praise from the judges, which I didn't think was warranted. I hated his song choice and he wasn't that great.

JARED YATES - Boring, dull, not sung very well, and more pussy music. Dead meat.

JUDD HARRIS - Isn't it weird that we had two rock guys and a guy who looks like he should be singing Korn (Scott Savol) and this guy was the one who decided to do CCR? Harris is the Jon Peter Lewis of 2005; he may not have the talent, but he goes out there, kicks out the jams, and leaves absolutely nothing in the green room. That's worth a few more weeks.

ANWAR ROBINSON - I went through three stages of watching his performance.

1. Holy shit, is he doing MOON RIVER??
2. Jesus, this is terrible.
3. Hmm, actually, now it's pretty good.

Dreadful start, good finish. I like him and hope he lasts.

JOSEPH MURENA - See "Jared Yates."

MARIO VASQUEZ - I've never heard this name pronounced "Vass-kwez" before. Sort of like Judd Harris, but about 15% better. First rate performance and a nice finish.

My predicted eliminations:

Anthony Federov
Joseph Murena
Old 02-21-2005, 10:22 PM
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Originally Posted by RickJay
CONSTANTINE MAROULIS, <snip> Looks like a jerk, which never helps with the voters.
I think he's also the one that backtalked to Randy and told him something and "sticking to rap music". That doesn't usually go over very well with the audience so I'm hoping that he'll hit the road. I can't stand that asshole.

My guesses for elimination:

Jared Yates
Constantine Maroulis
Old 02-21-2005, 11:40 PM
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This seems to be already under full discussion here: American Idol 2/21.

I'll leave this thread open, but I'm suggesting one thread on the topic is probably sufficient.


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