The date, June 06, 2006, is only about 8 months away. I know I’m excited. So, what are your predictions of events nearing that date? Here’s a few of mine:

  1. Wild theories about the antichrist being born and the end of the world coming will take over the internet and other media as the date approaches…

  2. …thus spawning several Omen-esque movies to be released on 06/06/06 (maybe… it’s a tuesday…)

  3. An internet news article will circulate when a local couple decide to name their baby (born on 666) Damien as a homage to The Omen.

  4. The Omen special edition DVD is released on 666.

I can’t get my mind off of “The Omen” right now… so that’s all I got. I’m not expecting pandemonium like Y2K… but I think it’ll be in everybody’s face in a few months.

I guess there is sort of a poll here, so it’s off to IMHO.
I really see no Great Debate.

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It’ll be a Tuesday, so I’ll probably take it relatively easy at work.

He hasn’t already?

Just wondering, what was the most popular ‘omen’ of the day for 06/06/1906?

It reminds me of my husband’s birthday: 06/16/66. He missed being the anti-Christ by one six.

I believe some manuscripts actually say the number is 616…in which case, if he drops the year…

I knew it! That would explain some of his behavior. :wink:

There’s a Far Side somewhere in there.

I’ll probably be taking it easy, considering that school will be over and it’s the day before my 33rd birthday.

The Stanley Cup finals are around that time (the Lightning won the Cup on my birthday in 2004), so I could be in the midst of Lightning fever.

We shall see.

We’ll finally have a savior of our own, of our very own!

Is that rumor about a Good Omens still going around? If there’s any truth to it, 6/6/06 would be the perfect day to release it on.

I anticipate the arrival of a pigeon.

An 'Omen Pigeon.
:wink: :smiley: