Devil baby born in Bristol

It appears that the Antichrist was born yesterday in Bristol. Born at the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the millenium. His mother was induced for 6 days. He weighed 6 lbs and 6 oz. at birth. His name is Damien.

The mother of Satan’s spawn is very happy:

Congratulations to the happy couple and keep an eye on the housekeeper.

If she’s kept her legs crossed she wouldn’t have been pregnant.

Now there’s a mother with priorities.

And balls.

Balls for kids?

I always knew the prophecy was right: The Devil will arise in the West country. I hear the family is moving to the US soon, they want to move down to Georgia.

It’s all for you, Damien, this thread is all for you.

As long as he hasn’t got horns or a tail, I’m sure he’s fine. :slight_smile:

Adding to it, the mother was age…36. (6x6)

And as amused as they were by the whole thing, you know those parents examined every damn inch of that child for the Mark.

Because I damn sure would have. :slight_smile:

We had an anti-christ baby born here in Jacksonville to a church youth pastor.

Umm-usually if a Mommie has balls, she’s called Dad. PSA. :wink:

But is 6/6/06 really the same as 666?

No. It’s better.
And by “better”, I do mean “worse”.

:eek: You know the poor kid is going to be haunted by this to the end of his days.

He’ll probably move to China and say that he was born in 4703, the Year of the Fire Dog, or something.

I’ll bet grandma will be checking its head for any unusual markings.

I guarantee you this: This child will do nothing newsworthy for the rest of its miserable life. Say hello to your new gas station manager.

People, this is the frigging Daily Mirror we’re talking about here. I’d like to see some of these facts backed up elsewhere. That a baby was born in Bristol around six o’clock on the 6th June 2006 - I’ll buy that. But calling it Damien?

I would have! :smiley:

Medically speaking, there’s no reason she can’t be both.

Do multiple sixes cancel it out? Only, my friend was panicking about signing for her house at 6pm on 6/6/06 and I told her it was fine, only 3 sixes count. I’ve let her down, haven’t I?

So would I.

You’d think that after growing up in the 80’s with a middle name of Madonna, I’d be a bit more nice to my future kids - but there’s no way I’d pass up an opportunity like that. Then again, any kids I have will learn early on that a sick sense of humor is a good thing.