Day of the Beast

6/6/6 – the Day of the Beast – has already started in Australia and most of Asia, and will hit where I am in about 7 hours. So, what are Dopers’ plans for June 6th, 2006, this beastly day?

I’m planning on the usual - pentagrams cut into the lawn, sacrificing small animals, walking about with my head on backwards, that type of thing. Maybe some innocent-virgin killing later in the day, but only if I can convince the local undeads to stop by.

That reminds me, I’d better stock up on brains tonight.

  1. Draw me a pentacle.
  2. Scuff a hole in it.
  3. Summon a demon.
  4. Profit!

:eek: Maybe it’ll be like Y2K and the whole world will come to a crashing halt… oh wait… that didn’t happen. Nevermind.

I once predicted the end of the world. I calculated 6,000 years from the time of creation (as acording to Bishop Ussher) – I calculated October 16, 1997, though I see that using a similar methodology Stephen Jay Gould predicted October 23, 1997.

Fortunately, my prediction proved to be false.

Tuesday is the day new books are released, so I’ll be constructing massive pyramids of The Terrorist by John Updike and Godless by Anne Coulter.

Will there be exactly 666 books in each pyramid?

Nothing special planned here. Just my usual Tuesday routine; going to and fro in the earth, and walking up and down in it.

Just one of them.

Cause, you know, Hell hath no fury like the minions of John Updike. :wink:

Turn 38. ::imagine a smiley with a party hat here::

I’ll be taking the occasion to engage in wanton sin, blasphemy, and other affronts to the Lord. Not because it’s 6/6/06, but because it’s Tuesday.

Good luck finding either of those things.

According to the earliest known written version of biblical text, the number of the beast is actually 616. So this is all moot.

Since June 6 is also the date of the beginning of Operation Overlord (sometimes referred to as D-Day), I’ll be watching some movies about World War II and celebrating our kicking the ass of that other devil- the one with the funny mustache.


Now what am I going to do with all of these goats?

So, I’m using a spoiler box.

[spoiler]One of my friends is having an army kill every baby born close to the right time and place. If they miss the kid, I’ll wait for about forty years. After the kid reveals himself, I’ll betray him with a kiss. Another pal will deny him three times. Some rabbis will condemn him in a sham trial. Then, we’ll have an Italian nail the guy up between two thieves.

It just seems like the right thing to do.[/spoiler]

I’ll be studying. But I’ll make sure to do it more evilly than usual, for the occasion. With frowny eyebrows and all.

Maybe I’ll just randomly hiss at people who annoy me. That could be sort of fun.

Well, I’ve got 3 finals to administer. So it could indeed be a hellish day. Matter of fact, I’d bet on it. :frowning:

I always thought the predicted date was August 29, 1997?

Well…I would be wishing my step-son a happy twentieth birthday, but he’s in Iraq disarming IEDs and it’s sort of hard to get him on the phone.