Devil Day: What odd things happened today?

This is, after all, the only day for the next century where we will be able to “celebrate” this particularly demonesque day (except, maybe, for June 6th, 2060). Have you noticed any fairly odd things occurring today that just seem a bit, say … coincidental to the date?

For me, this morning our AS/400 system went down. It hasn’t gone down in ages, but there it was, a devil monkeying up the works for the lot of us this morning.

Today is also the day when 15 of the suspects in the Toronto terror scare are to appear in a Brampton courtroom, all at once. (Well, by now they’re already there and court is well in session.) Although violence is not expected to ensue, I imagine the courthouse is presently surrounded by a battallion of police officers with buildings topped off with snipers. The devil’s certainly on trial there.

Anyone else experience or know of some wacky goings on?

A devil, or a daemon?

thank you, thank you, I’ll be back with more geek humor later in the thread

My mother and I saw at least 10 cats as we went for our morning walk–several of them black. We often see a couple, but to see this many–all well separated from each other-- was a little odd. We speculated on why there were so many, and then my mother remembered 6/6/06.

  • Mindfield smacks you around a bit with a large trout.

From one geek to another. :slight_smile:

I learned a Secret of the Universe; what HP scanner files to give limited users rights to.
Probably should have killed a pigeon in thanksgiving.

I’ve had Iron Maiden’s Number of the Beast stuck in my head all day. Must go buy it, my only copy’s on vinyl.

I’m listening to part of my large collection of eighties music on minidisc. :slight_smile:

So far, nuthin’.

My car was broken into last night and it looks like they tried to start it with a screwdriver. :frowning:

Our dogs can hear a raccoon crossing through the grass and bark furiously but can’t hear someone mangling my ignition and rummaging through my glove compartment? I think the devil must have made our dogs sleep deeply last night.

Today is the longest day in recorded history. I swear to all I hold sacred, I arrived at work fifteen to sixteen hours ago, and not the six and a half my clock is telling me.

The devil is messing up my clocks.

I got my grades for second year today. Suffice it to say that if the devil wanted his due, he got it.

It’s cloudy and overcast, but so far no brimstone and hellfire raining from the skies. I did read Paradise Lost and the Inferno, though. :slight_smile:

there is a huge dust storm in az now. does that count?

the weather channel is calling it a “haboob”, i think they just like saying the word.

I encountered a little bit of that dust storm earlier today but fortunately I was going in the opposite direction when it started. I saw the overhead photos of it on the news, moving very fast to Phoenix- one huge rolling cloud of dust. That was crazy.

It was 92 degrees here today, and my air-conditioner broke.

That’s the devil’s work, no question about it.

My horns are more prominent than usual today. Otherwise, pretty much normal.

We were busier than usual at work today, and we had about 4 customers who could use some adjustments in their meds. But other than that, nothing unusual.

Was trapped on a subway car that had to be towed. Took me over two hours longer to get home – after having worked overtime.

Skipped dinner to accompany spouse to a late movie. I got drawn into an altercation with a drunk guy at the movie (not my idea, trust me) and forced to leave.


It’s been an idyllic day in all ways, for me. I got some work done, I picked up the deposited copy of my dissertation from the printers, I baked a cake, I sat in my garden reading Agatha Christie, I had coffee and shopping with a friend, and my latest multi-day tension headache has ended.

I had a perfect morning. Got all my work done early even though the plane for this particular customer is a lot more work. Then I went to lunch. I popped my Philly Steak and Cheese Croissant Pocket into the microwave and grabbed an orange out of my bag. Uh oh, the orange has a soft spot. I cut it open and it was moldy. Oh well. I grab my Croissant pocket out of the microwave and after a few bites, notice a distinctive lack of flavor. I look inside and all I have is a crust. No beef or cheese. So I decide to run to the cafeteria to grab something quick. Just as I walk through the door a smell hits and it is not nice. Someone decided to barf near the salad bar and there doesn’t appear to be any hurry to clean it up. I head out of the cafeteria to go the the nearest snack machine and buy me a bag of Cheetos. What can be wrong with these you might ask? Nothing thankfully but lunch was less than satisfying today.

Someone drove into the building at work today.

Seriously. It’s not really that bad - there’s a wing of the building that consists of two floors of labs and offices up on pillars over a covered parking area. A delivery truck driver misjudged the clearance in the parking (or something like that) and hit the overhang with a rather impressive thud. The building was slightly dented, the truck more so.

I got a nice front-row view of the whole thing though, since my desk looks out over the parking lot. I caught some motion out of the corner of my eye, and got to go through “Hmm, he seems to be going awfully fast…oh, shit.”

Oh, and to add insult to injury, when the poor driver finally brought in the package he thought was for us, it turned out to be the wrong address.