1,000th Post Party

First, I’d like to extend an special invite to Eutychus, whose fingers must be exhausted from all that deleting!

But if I tried to single out everyone else who made this board such a fun, not to mention addictive, place to hang out, I’d beat out Libertarian for most long-winded poster next year…

So, whether I’ve agreed with you, or argued with you, or even flamed you, y’all are special people, and I’m proud to call you friends. Thanks for putting up with me.

And in special recognition of PETAs defining a whole new level of idiocy, milk all around!

  • Sue

I found it funny that PETA’s solution option for milk is beer :slight_smile:

I can’t WAIT to see a got beer commercial…if I don’t die of a heart attack from laughing, I can truly exclaim that humanity is more idiotic now, then it has ever been in the past.

I guess ‘the land of milk and honey’ doesn’t mean much to them.

Anywho, congrats on being such a vivacious poster.

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Congrats, Majormd.

May you post as long as you want to , and want to as long as you post.

PS, Thanks for the advice.

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My fingers are tired too, but not from DELETIN… from SECRETIN! I… feel… SO… dirty… right… now. Congrats! When I hit 1000 I hope everybody will make a masturbation reference.

Where’s my side of FUN!?


Yee Haw!

::toots on the horn, throws confetti in the air, sprays champagne all over Sue and Dale::

Congrats, Doc! You made it! (And no, I’m not the least bit bitter about taking second place to you, you Good Citizen, you!)

::clears throat::

“Happy 1000th post-day to you
Happy 1000th post-day to you
Happy 1000th post day dear Sue
Happy 1000th post day to you.”

And mannnnny mooore.



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Congratulations, Major! Long may you wave!

Catrandom, who won’t discuss beer, masturbation or deletion, thank you very much :o

Hey, a big congrats to you, Majormd. Hope you’ll be around for another thousand, so you can continue to correct my hair-brained medical guesses.

God is my co-pilot. Blame Him.

Congrats to my favorite cyber doc.

BTW, I have this hugh lump in my throat and David suggested I ask you about it here. Do you think it may be a goiter?

It’s so big that I can’t see my keyboard to type!

Um . . . so I drove the truck up to the loading dock, and it’s got all the booze, music, disco balls, swinging chandeliers, and air hockey tables that you order, Major, but I’m gonna need someone to help me unload. Oh, and can you sign right there? Thanks.

Congrats, doc lady!

Raising my glass in a toast.

What’s in the glass ?

Whole milk, fresh from the cow.
No Vitamins added,
BST free,
Antibiotic free,
Chilled to 36 degrees.

Okay, maybe I’ll add some chocalate… (shaken not stirred)

Liftin’ a mug of cold beer in your honor, Sue…keep on postin’! :slight_smile:

Way to go Sue! ::Saluting::

Should we E-Mail MEDDAC and tell them you’re ready for LTC? :wink:

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a beautiful red steam shovel.
Her name was Mary Anne.

Congratulations on this major event! (I crack myself up sometimes.)

Congrats Major.

Here’s to a 1000 more in good health!

Gabba Gabba, We accept you, we accept you, one of us.

Congratulations and thanks for all the free medical advice.

(“It hurts when I do this.” “Don’t do that.”)

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Doubt and Certainty

Way to go Sue!!
from the other Sue