MAJOR Event you can't miss!!!

My 1,000th post.


I’m in the “quadruple digit club!!!”

It’s party time!

:looks around:

did I say party?

I meant PARTY!!!

*Silo guzzles down beer!

Umm … yay?

Ye Haw!

I’ll be happy to help you drink your beer. (Am I a nice guy, or what?)

< techchick grumbles at yet another freakin post party but since it’s for Silo >

Here’s a beer for ya hun.

< grumbles a little more, guess he didn’t see my opinion over post parties, grumbles a little more, he owes me a pitcher of beer in Vegas now for making me feel obligated to post to this dribble >


Well, I don’t mind post parties so here I am! I guess we can say that you’ve come a long way! Congratulations! (Glad you’re back!)

Did you say there was beer? Why is no one naked yet?


(grabs a coke)

Not too much longer for me.

My how jaded we’ve all become.

'Grats, Silo.

Yes we have. I don’t think it’s so much the post parties themselves, it just that so many people are reaching the 1000 so fast in such a short time it’s catching us all by surprise. Used to take most posters at least 4-6 months to reach the mark, now it only takes the new posters about 2 months.

Anyways, congrats to ya Silo!!!

Man, I’m a slow poster.

Congrats there bubby.
I not even half as good as you…you are my inspiration.

It looks good with 1000 posts.

Nice going, m’man!

Go Silo. It’s your birthday.

Yer pal,

Four months, two weeks, one day, 13 hours, 23 minutes and 44 seconds.
5502 cigarettes not smoked, saving $687.79.
Extra life with Drain Bead: 2 weeks, 5 days, 2 hours, 30 minutes.[/sub]

"Satan is not an unattractive person."-Drain Bead
[sub]Thanks for the ringing endorsement, honey![/sub]

Ok, ok, because evilbeth asked for it . . .

<dropping pants>

There you go! Dig me, I’m naked!
[sub]Hey, can we turn the heat up a little bit? It’s kinda chilly in here and I don’t want the women to get the wrong idea about, well, you know.[/sub]

Good boy Silo! I’m so proud!!!


Heck, I’ve been here for 17 months now and I still have yet to reach 1000. See, I have this problem. My life keeps on getting in the way of my post count :slight_smile:

Nonono. You meen Par-Teh.

Well it took me 6 months to get here. Post count parties kick ass!! :smiley:

Ok, so I hope nobody’s gonna crash my parte :o

Here’s a beer for ya TC :wink:

|            \______
| Coors Beer  ______)

hehe, ok here’s your beer

|            \______
| *Molson Ice*  ______)

Anyone else for a drink??

Hey this isn’t that Survivor show! Save it for the bedroom!

Hey, Silo, didn’t you hear? We’re not supposed to have these things anymore. They annoy some people. Ah, screw it. Let’s party!

::: gets out beer funnel and downs a sixer in under 60 seconds :::

Oh, and…

:::throws water balloon at BratMan:::