10 Crack Commandments

For those who don’t know, his eminence the late Biggie Smalls wrote a song called the 10 Crack Commandments outlining the lessons he learned in his time as a drug dealer. I was reading the lyrics the other day and thought there was actually some sound business advice in there. What do you think?


  1. Keep your worth private to avoid jealousy
  2. Keep your plans to yourself until it’s time to execute them
  3. Never trust anyone, not even your own mother
  4. Don’t spend the principle
  5. Don’t bring work home
  6. Don’t hold your own paper
  7. Don’t go into business with family
  8. Minimize risks
  9. Never inform on anyone or you won’t be trusted
  10. Don’t purchase product you aren’t certain you can sell

I just have to add - because I still laugh every time I think about it - that this is one of my dad’s favorite songs.

He also loves Hit 'Em Up by Tupac and Today was a Good Day by Ice Cube. And he doesn’t just passively like them, he loves them. He knows all the words to all three of them and has been singing them for years. Other than those three songs, he hates rap.