10 years of fighting (and sometimes committing) ignorance

I looked at my profile the other day, and was surprised to see that I joined the boards 10 years ago today. Wow, time flies!

Of course, I took a long hiatus in there. I dropped away from the boards for several years. There was a raft of stuff in the real world to soak up any available time. Kids, cats, cars, kayaks, scouts, spouse, yards, job, and more, not quite in that order.

So I’ve been looking through some of my past posts and threads, and I found my first thread. Hoo boy, wasn’t I clever? (Hint - not!) I found my very first message, too - #23 on this thread, looking for suggestions for a compilation of road songs. I might have to search these out and put them on an Ipod - once I get one.

I also noticed names that I don’t see here any more. Andygirl. UncleBeer. Iampunha. Bunnygirl. All have gone on, I assume, and have kids, cats, cars, etc. of their own to deal with now.

And I remember some of the others that have left the boards for sadder reasons. Persephone comes to mind first. I never met her in real life, though she was just up the road from me here in Michigan. There was a doperfest one summer, and I thought about running up there to drop in. But we had stuff to do, and it would have been only a short visit before I had to come back home for something or other on that list up there. It wasn’t long after that when she had her tragic accident, and I am forever sad for not having met her in person.:frowning:

So Dopers, I urge you to fill a glass with something suitable, lift it once to salute those that have gone on before us, then lift it again for those who have gone on without us to other pursuits.

And then lift one towards Michigan, and help me celebrate 10 years of fighting (and occasionally committing) ignorance on my part!!!:smiley:

Heres looking at you kid.

{Ralf clinks a glass with Cicero}