100ºF? I'm in England, dammit, not Nevada!

Today was quite pleasantly warm, about 90F in London.

But apparently Wednesday is going to be HOT… 37ºC, 38ºC, even 39ºC has been forecast. That’s 102ºF. I know everyone in other countries thinks it’s always rainy and/or foggy in London, but in recent years our climate seems to have shifted to somwhere near the Mediterranean. It has rained on precisely three days since the beginning of June, and two of those were only a sprinkling. My lawn resembles a very flat and straggly haystack.

Now I love hot weather. Quite possibly I was a lizard in a former life, but come on. We don’t do air conditioning over here. Ice is still rationed after WWII. The London Underground multiplies the street-level heat by at least a factor of three. Temperatures in three figures really shouldn’t be allowed, even if we do try to hide them under the Celsius label.

If Death Valley calls, tell it to collect its weather.

OK, so this has been done, kind of.

But it’s still toasty warm.

Perhaps you could petition your prime minister to get the Americans and Russians to simultaneously detonate large nuclear devices at the poles. The resulting change in Earth’s axial tilt might bring arctic air masses pouring into London, and give you some relief from the heat.

Can I be really annoying and ask “cite?” Weather.com isn’t going higher than 93F for London, and the BBC says 97 tomorrow.

Or are you believing anything they say on Sky News? :wink:

I don’t really think “weather.com” is a reputable source :rolleyes:

This is straight from the horse’s mouth at the Met Office: http://www.metoffice.com/corporate/pressoffice/2006/pr20060717.html

Yesterday they had 38C symbols on their maps for Wednesday, but they seem to have reined it back to 35 or 36 now.

Boo hiss to the Met Office, who aren’t saying exactly where in the home counties these temperatures are going to be.

Well it’s pretty impossible to say exactly where is going to be the hottest. Based on this week’s hottest spots I reckon it’ll be Heathrow or somewhere around there. Can’t see the UK record going but I reckon it’ll hit about 36 point something tomorrow.

Meh. No matter what happens, they always find some lame way to express it as breaking a record; like “today was the most changeable July 18th since records began!” Woo!

Yes, it’s hot today, but next week, I’m going on a camping holiday, so it’s going to Piss Down.

OK-I’ve been in UK when it’s cold and damp, so is it hot and damp(ie humid)?


Roasting here near Chicago–but with A/C, thank god.

Thank you for sacrificing yourself to the rain gods so that when I go camping the week after, it will be fine and mild with a gentle sea-breeze :smiley:


So am I, so yes it will. Also, the school holidays start, so that’s twice as much reason for the heavens to open…

Ah, such a British thing to do, to moan about the weather. :wink:

But yes, its too flipping warm. At least the Italians in our office are happy today.

Yes and yes :cool:

As an added bonus :rolleyes: the bloody pubs ice maker is still on the fritz and the tight fisted landlord won’t go to the supermarket ACROSS the road and buy bags of ice :wally

You’re right… you’re not in Nevada.

It’s been 110-112 here this past week so quit your 100 degree whining … :rolleyes:

Yeah, with about 16% humidity according to Weather Underground. Come back and whine when your dewpoint hits the mid-70s like it’s forecast to do here by the weekend once the storms come in.

Sorry… I would trade with you in a heartbeat… we did get a break today, this morning our humidity was 55% (right now its 47% …we had a pretty strong t-storm last night) and we will be at 102 today as opposed to furnace blasting …

And according to Weather Underground the five day forecast for London is 86, 87, 80, 73 and 71 F until Saturday, so …

Are they wrong too?

Look on the bright side people, we’ll laff about this in Nov/Dec/Jan.

Always assuming we haven’t shuffled off before then

In the last hour I have placed my thermometer in my south facing patio.

In the shade - 89%

In the sun - 114%

Eh, more reputable than any other source I have found. Weather.com is the weather channel, and tends to be much more accurate than the local news channels.

I’d understand if yahoo weather or msn weather got a rolleyes, but the weather channel? It is their whole thing. Personally I’d be less inclined to believe some goverment site. :wink:

Ministry of Weather?