$100K for first job. Worth for her brilliance.

Those are protected classes. Who your Daddy is isn’t protected. Unless of course you daddy is a minority (or a women!). :slight_smile:

Other then the fact that firms can’t discriminate against protected classes, they are allowed to hire who ever they want for what ever reason they want.

Glad we cleared that up. Nepotism is not illegal per se (although there are some regulations in the legislative area.) However, just because a firm can hire whomever they wish, doesn’t mean that it is wrong when they solely rely on nepotism.

Neurotik, you’re wrong about the degree Chelsea is getting. It’s not a law degree (which would, as you say, net her more bucks); rather, it is a Master’s degree in International Relations. MacKinsey does a lot of recruitment at Oxford, and there are usually several who take jobs at their various offices making the $60,000+ starting salary. So her employment there is not out of the ordinary, though perhaps she was able to leverage a higher salary based on who she is.

Hey, Chelsea is a very bright kid, from everything I’ve ever heard. I mean, where the hell CAN she work without someone saying her folks got her the gig? There isn’t a company in the world who will be able to hire her without looking suspect.

And of course, George HW Bush’s son George W Bush got no help along the way in his career. None whatsoever, not a whit, nope, no help. Did it allllllllll by his-self, real bootstrap story there. One man, alone against the world, with nuthin’ but a pocketknife and ball of twine…

I guess somebody thought he was a bridge dweller. Not really sure if calling Chelsea ugly gets ya banned these days.

I doubt it. Either it was the other stuff- or said poster was made of wool or cotton. Not a great loss either way.

No, no, You misunderstand. I wasn’t talking about Chelsea, since I know she didn’t get a law degree… I was talking about irishgirl’s friend who I assumed had a law degree since she is working at a law firm.

I seriously doubt that any firm relies soly on nepotism when they hire.

Everyone has their own “edge” in a job firm. Chelsea’s is that her prospective employer’s know who her parents are and what they have done. Mine is that I have an extra degree.

Chelsea’s parents could even be a detriment to her in pursuing some jobs. If she were getting a job in the US she might have a hard time being hired by someone who is an extreme Republican.

Just so we’re on the same page, the “solely” part was not that the firm hires SOLELY from family, but that the SOLE reason a person got the job, was because of family. Sorry if that was confusing.

And I would definitely have a problem if some degree-less mope got a job because he’s the CEO’s cousin instead of you getting the job because you are well educated. The “edge” in one case is the result of hard work and education (at least I assume so, for all I know, you may have a degree from Notre Dame), and the other was the result of DNA. I think that difference should mean something.

How tough can it be to drive a bunch of companies (Enron, K-Mart, Global Crossing, Swissair) into bankruptcy?

I think the real outrage here is a little more wide ranging. Ms. Clinton gets $100K right out of the gate for what? According to the article she’ll basically be reading up on various topics and giving her opinion to other people. Meanwhile, the people who hold the world together and make it all run smoothly (most of the time) i.e. the engineers and scientists are pactically shafted. Most PhD holders in the scientific community are lucky to make $70 - $80K right out of school and they have skills that are actually useful to society. Don’t even get me started on the sports industry. :mad:

Yes, that’s exactly what all consulting firms do. Well spotted!

Rep from Fortune 20 company checking in: We start grad students at ~$85k. First raise in 6 mos. to a year.

Let’s not forget that, in addition to a well-connected, well-educated person who by all accounts is pretty smart, they are also getting someone who can impress prospective clients and employees by her presence. I think having the daughter of a president at your cocktail hours and client meetings is enough to justify the expense, and I would say the same about a Bush daughter with an advanced degree.

Hell, let’s face it, the Bush clan is no stranger to nepotism…In fact, nepotism is probably half the reason anyone (Democrat or Republican) goes into politics in the first place.

When I started work last July, at 21, I was paid £60k. That’s near enough to $100k, and I certainly don’t have an family connections

Boy, I’m starting to feel real proud of my $40K (Canadian) physics post-doc. :wink:

People, I hate to break it to you, but 100K is about what an entry-level person makes at those kind of firms. The top consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc. offer in the low 100’s. The top law firms like a Skadden, Shearman, Cravath, Wachtel, etc. offer in the mid 100’s. Commercial banks, investment banks, brokerage firms, and other financial companies offer salary, bonus, and commission structures that have the potential to top the salaries offered by McKinsey and Wachtel.

Also, 100K per year is NOT a lot of money especially when you live in a place like New York, London, or SF. Half your income goes to taxes, then you have non-tax deductible rent, student loan payments, etc.

This is really the only outrage I have over this, and it’s not directly related to Chelsea Clinton.

The only revenge is to work your way up high enough in your firm to refuse to hire these immensely overpaid “consultants” who sometimes can barely pick their own nose, yet make outrageous salaries due to business inertia.

Or fire the ones you have that are idiots, like the snooty little business major who actually tried to explain coal combustion to me once, in front of a client (“No, it’s just like your furnace at home, only bigger. And all you need to do is turn down the thermostat, and you’ll save money!” - Jesus Fuck!)

My wife has a joke she tells about development consultants to her class (some of them will become consultants so it is a warning to them).

A consultant is driving in the backroads near an African farm and spots a goatherder with a bunch of goats.

The consultant stops and says to the goatherder “if I tell you how many goats you have, will you give me one?”.

The goatherder says “sure”.

The consultant procedes to pull out his pocket computer, which connects to a sattelite that scans the area and tells him there are a hundred goats. He tells this to the herder who replies “very good, you may choose a goat.”

After the consultant chooses, the herder says to him “If I can guess your job will you give it back?” The consultant accepts and the herder says “you’re a consultant.”

The consultant says “correct, how did you know?”

The herder replies “you showed up when you were not asked, you gave me the answer to something I already knew, and you know bugger-all about goat-herding because you picked my dog.”