106th Grey Cup

Ottawa RedBlacks v Calgary Stampeders.

Off to a rocky start for Calgary: illegal kickoff; QB sack on their first possession, then picked off by RedBlacks on the 2 yard line.

Stamps get a TD. 7-0 end of first quarter.

Very slippery field. Frozen solid all week with a bit of snow.

RedBlacks get a field goal.

Gads, that looks like a green ice rink.

TD Calgary! By Durant as he’s being tackled across the goal line. 14-3 Stamps

-1 C at the moment.

Ottawa receiver just slipped and missed a catch

RedBlacks pick.

RedBlack stripped; Stamps recover.

RedBlack TD.

Go for 2.

Made it.

Ottawa 11, Calgary 14

Nice punt return!

RedStamps punt; Williams for the Stamps run it for a TD - 97 yard punt return!

Williams looked pretty tuckered out on the sidelines. He almost slipped at one point, but recovered.

Stamps 21, RedBlacks 11 at the half.

At least no snow forecasted. Not like last year’s game.

Are you streaming it, Kennobi?

In Canada this summer a bartender told me he used to play high school football in Quebec and that the CFL version is actually closer to what football was “originally” like in terms of rules and that the NFL/American rules version is more derivative. With its wide open passing game I find that hard to believe but any thoughts?
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27-14 for the Stamps and the Mounties are bringing the Cup down to the field.

I hear opera singing.

The barkeep may have been talking about the rugby roots of both games.

The Canadian game is generally more wide open than the US game, but it’s not the case that there was an ideal set of rules. Both US and Canadian football have evolved from the original rugby roots, in different ways.