11:11 and other fun clock things

We have a friend who celebrated his 88th birthday on August 8th last year.

I have a binary-coded decimal clock on my desk, so the readout is an array of dots. I waste more time than I ought to watching when the dots form neat patterns.

When digital clocks were a new and exciting phenomenon, I spent time making sure I could make a formula out of the digits. OK, I still do it.


Oh, and this was just a month ago, for the *nix geeks on the dope:

A friend of mine was big into 11:11. He always noticed it. Always.

We decided at one point to record some original songs together. He was going to do all of the acoustic guitar work. We decided to open the tape with one of his acoustic songs, which he titled 11:11. We later decided to end the tape with another acoustic song. We called it The End. So we recorded his acoustic track. He finished the take…

At 11:11.

On Veteran’s Day.

You know you’re a geek when you always giggle to yourself at 11:38.

You might like this website:

I always notice 17:55. I spend much too much time looking at photographic websites. Nikon make a 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, and I’ve thought about getting one, but for various reasons I’m resisting that urge. They make a cheap, plastic 18-55mm, and I have one, but I never notice 18:55. Go figure.

That’s a myth.

25 O’Clock, anyone? (It’s when you’re going to be mine!)

Wow. It’s nice to know I have another evil twin out there. That sounds exactly like my 11:11 thing I had for years. <shudder> I was sure I was going to die or the world was going to explode or something equally hideous happen at that time at some point of my life. Eventually, I stopped seeing it all the time. Now, when I do, I just kinda chuckle at myself. (I have old friends that will sometimes call me up and say, “I saw 11:11 on the clock today, and I thought about you!”)

I have never heard of that cult, but wow! Scientology gets a run for its money!

Strangely, my family has always been a fan of 10:10. 11:11 never really did it for us.

On another thought, I’d like to take a picture in front of the weather channel when it is saying something in binary.

Dude bids 420 on everything on Price is Right :stuck_out_tongue:

I always notice 3:14. Sometimes I do a little cheer.

Unrelated note, people think I’m a bit of a dork for some reason.

Thankfully someone posted links on 11:11, I’m really in the dark here, and feel incredibly wooshed. I’m still not sure I get it.

(A site for someone who has no clue what 11:11 is, please?)
That being said, I think I can guess at what the 11:11 thing is getting at.

For me, it’s the 19th day of the month: (in order, different years, different months)

I was born on the 19th.
My Dad died on the 19th.
My Grandmother (Dad’s side) died on the 19th.
My Mom remarried on the 19th.

I am sure I am forgetting one or two more.

Suffice it to say, I know that 19 speaks to me. (Stephen King need not apply.)
I use it as a goto number; That is, I use it when I buy lottery tickets, I choose it as a number to pick when a “random” number has to be picked, if it comes up by random chance, I notice it.

I think this is what 11:11 is getting at. (Am I hitting on the idea here?)

However my psychology nags at me:



There, I think we have enough to send this back around again.:slight_smile:

I notice that I check the time at 4:44 more than any other time.

You’re all missing out on 13:37 with your little 12-hour clocks.

Time to start loading the guns? :smiley:

For a few years I was noticing when the minute and hour hands would line up on my watch. It was fascinating and a bit creepy.

And 21:12. Incidentally, Neil Peart’s birthday is on 9/12. 9:12 PM in military time? 21:12. I like to think it’s a bit of synchronicity.