12 Year Old Boy Kills 8 Year Old Sister

"Authorities in Northern California on Saturday announced the arrest of a 12-year-old boy in the stabbing death of his younger sister, whose killing last month sparked a manhunt for a supposed intruder who the boy had said committed the crime.

Leila and her brother were home together on the night of April 27 at the family home in Valley Springs, a rural town of 7,500 residents southeast of Sacramento. Their parents had gone to a Little League game.

The boy told investigators he had heard an intruder, then saw a man running away from the home. The boy said he then found his severely injured sister. He called his parents, then 911, officials said."

Wow oh my!!!

And to think the world of finance has just lost a future CEO.

That is awful.

When I saw the thread title I was really hoping this would be another one of those gun accidents. :frowning: It’s not.

So you care more about furthering your agenda than the fact a child was murdered?

alphaboi867, runner pat – and everyone else – there was no gun involved, so take any discussion of the issues around gun control elsewhere. They are off-topic in this thread.

twickster, MPSIMS moderator

I saw an article about this killing just after it happened. My initial thought was that the boy killed the girl and fabricated the story.

Me, too. Unless the supposed killer turned up quickly, I was afraid this would be how it really happened. So sad.

What s/he obviously meant is that s/he hoped it was an accident, while it turns out to be a murder, which is significantly worst.

the kid claimed a guy did it and ran off.

a neighbor claimed to have seen a guy run off. this is now discredited.

people giving false information about witnessing crimes causes a lot of problems.

Yeah, I suspected the brother too, but it’s sad to hear it’s true.

Any idea why he killed her?

I saw an article that mentioned two witnesses claimed they saw someone running from the house. WTF? Why do people just make stuff up about things that are this important? Are they trying to get attention for themselves or something?

It is crystal clear that alpha was just expressing sadness that the murder wasn’t an accident. What agony it must be for the mind to constantly tick with agendas and politics and subtexts at work.

Perhaps they just saw the brother running off somewhere, noticing nothing in particular, then after the fact conflated that with an intruder. But many people do seem willing to do anything for attention.

I’m one of those who never saw this coming.:frowning:

A fight between siblings carried horribly too far?
Now the parents have lost both their kids.

Compare to the neighbors in the Cleveland kidnapping case who said they saw the women naked in the yard. They aren’t necessarily lying, but even at best, the memory works in funny ways, and people can genuinely remember things that never happened.

There’s plenty of evidence that eyewitness testimony is *fantastically *unreliable. Yet our justice system continues to rely on it. I guess it’s the best we can do, though, short of installing CCTV everywhere.