15 yr. old Florida girl kills 16 yr. old brother


The Kornegay family of 6 were living in White Springs, FL. A rural town between Jacksonville and Tallahassee. They are a working class family living in a double wide. Father, 37, is a truck driver, who travels frequently for work. Wife, 33, stays at home, but frequently will travel with her husband on his runs.

They together have a 16 year old son, 15 year old daughter, 11 year old daughter, and 3 year old daughter.

The oldest daughter is regularly locked in a bedroom (for being bad) according to the parents, with nothing in it but a blanket and a 5 gallon bucket to use as a toilet. Sometimes up to 3 weeks at a time. The oldest daughter has also been reportedly sexually abused by an uncle. And the 16 year old brother and 15 year old sister were also reported to be sexually active with each other.

So this past Sunday, the parents left together on a trucking run and left the 16 year old in charge. They were planning on returning early Tuesday morning. On Monday, the son beat up the 15 year old sister and locked her in the room with the blanket and the bucket.

Later that evening the oldest daughter convinced her 11 year old sister to let her out of the room. The 15 year old then, knowing that her parents have a gun in their room, which was locked before they left, breaks into her parents room through the outside window retrieving a 9mm pistol, while the 11 year old keeps watch.

She then confronts her brother who is sleeping on the floor in the living room, and shoots him once in the head before he can get up. Deceased brother and the 3 year old sister are left at home, while the 16 and 11 year old sisters high tailed it out of there.

The sisters are later spotted at a Dollar General and somehow police show up and the 15 year old confesses the whole thing.

Parents have both been charged with child neglect. The 15 year old and the 11 year old have been charged with premeditated murder of their brother. The prosecutor is considering whether they should be charged as adults. The 3 year old is in state welfare services custody.

Some of the articles indicate that the only reason that the prosecutor may charge the two girls as adults would be to keep them in juvenile detention for more than the 21 day maximum sentence for juvenile offenses. They have no place to go.

Sad story. I don’t think they should be charged as adults in this case. The state of Florida, hopefully can come up with some sort of solution here.

In my opinion, this was a bad situation.

I’m glad the 3-year-old is out of it.

For now. Until the parents fight for and possibly win custody again. The old “We did wrong but we’ve learned and she is our daughter” routine.

(Yeah - I’m being harsh. But I’ve seen worse parents get custody and it never turns out good in my experience. I will allow that your experience could be different.)

Self defense. The 15 year old had every reason to believe that the behavior would continue if she hadn’t killed the brother who was sexually molesting her. She could also claim that the 11 year old was next in line to be abused if she already been. What a fucked up family.

The linked story identifies the 3-y.o. as a boy.
Leaving a toddler alone with a corpse is kind of a shitty thing to do.

That might be the worst thing the girls did.

We’re discussing this extensively on a true crime message board that I post on.

To me, the most horrifying thing is the extent of details that are being released regarding the sexual abuse - BY AND OF CHILDREN. That isn’t even supposed to be done on adults unless they consent.

No matter how you look at it, it’s an enormous tragedy for everyone involved. :frowning:

USA Today article quotes her as saying “she was angry her brother beat her up earlier that day”, nothing about sexually molesting her - and also “Police documents released Wednesday said the 15-year-old’s uncle was convicted of molesting her in 2010. They also say the children’s mother at one point discovered the siblings having sex”. Which is fucked up but not necessarily non-consensual. [/brainbleach]

And doing the maths, momma was 16, just possibly 17, when she got knocked up the first time.

All this story is missing is cannibalism. Jesus.

As much as I abhor vigilantism and people taking the law into their own hands, I can’t find it in me to call these girls criminals. They were in a situation where both their parents and the authorities had completely failed to protect them and they took the only choice that wouldn’t have eventually just landed them back in their parents’ custody.

Put them in protective care, get them as far away from their family as possible, make sure they both get serious counseling, and fix the system so that this kind of nightmare situation doesn’t happen again.

Wow. Don’t know what I’d do with this situation. The whole thing is sad and I can’t imagine the girls with be charged, or at least they won’t be sent to prison. More likely an institution where they can get mental help.

How do you lock someone up in your house for 20+ consecutive days? Your kid or not? I just don’t get people like this. How multiple peoples brains can break so bad (both parents) that they see this as a normal and reasonable way to deal with their kids.

As an aside I think the press, or cops, whoever, are getting too free-wheelin with some of the details of the abuse the girl faced. Especially the part about the sibling sex. True or not that should not be disclosed to the media IMHO, particularly about a child.

Dad’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Phoenix111077?fref=ts

Not exactly dad- or husband-of-the-year material there.

Some nutjob threw his 5 year old girl off a Tampa bridge today too. Right in front of a cop. How awful to see. I don’t know how I would handle seeing that.

I just moved to FL in 2012 for work.

Crazy depraved shit seems to happen here more than any other state. I’ve learned that any crazy story on the news has a 75% chance of starting with “In XX FL today” or “A Florida Man did XXX”

Not to step on your point, but–is that local news? :wink:

Posted on Jan 1 2015:


A double wide bedroom does not seem like a reasonable method to confine a 15 yr old, even a double wide closet (with no windows). She was certainly able to break into her parents locked bedroom, so could easily escape unless chained or the room was substantially reinforced to hold her. Perhaps breaking out would have resulted in worse punishment and fear of that kept her from breaking out, however the encouragement of her sister to let her out would indicate otherwise.

So something is missing here.

A 15 year old girls mind doesn’t always process things as rationale as an adult. Killing your brother while your parents are away, might appear to be an easier task to do, than running away while your parents are home.

Break out. Run away. Get found and returned to your parents’ custody, who are just as mad at you as before plus now you kicked a hole in the wall of their house.

What’s missing?

I have to wonder whether the 16-year-old boy may have been a victim of severe abuse as well.

We all think so too.