127 yr old Mexican woman dies

Move over Mme Calment; Mexican civil authorities have apparently verified Sra Becerra’s date of birth; making her the new oldest person ever. She leaves behind 161 descendants. No cause of death given; other than she simply stopped breathing.

No, no, no! My goal is to be the oldest living person, and I was counting on living to 124. Now I’m going to have to readjust my plans. :smack:

Uh she was never considered the oldest person in the world because she had no real documentation, and at her death some government agency decides she has proof after all? Lot of questions ringing about this one.

Just freeze yourself in a cryogenic tube. I saw it in a documentary.


127 years and there’s no record of her ever sneaking over the border? Please don’t tell the GOP ---- it will break their little hearts.

Secondary cause of death: Excessive proton decay.