Misao Okawa watch

The world’s oldest living person, Misao Okawa, is currently number 10 on Wikipedia’s list of (confirmed) oldest people ever, and in ten days (God/goddess/G*d/Og/Kaml willing) will take the number 9 spot. Over the next year, she could even move up to number 5. Go Misao! We’re rooting for you!

I had to read your OP another time. At first I thought you were wishing death on her competitors/telling her take out the competition. Oh, not the 10th oldest currently living. Carry on!

That’s how you read that? Well, I enjoy a good supercentenarian cage match as much as the next guy, but that’s not what is happening here. Ms. Okawa is the oldest living person, and the tenth oldest (verified) of all time. Only now, she’s number nine … number nine … number nine.

Go go Misao! You’re just about six weeks away from taking the number eight spot!

(BTW, When Revolution 9 came out, she was already 70 years old!)

That’s how I read it at first too. Why does he hate those other old people so much?

My first five words were, “the world’s oldest living person”. Did you just start reading from the middle? :slight_smile:

Only one man in the top ten. Women are really kicking ass at this longevity thing, aren’t they?

There can only be one Oldlander.

Go go Mis-a-o!!!

Ms. Okawa has cracked the elite eight. Again, let me emphasize, she didn’t need to kill Besse Cooper (with whom she is now tied) to reach the number eight spot for oldest (verified) human being ever. She just needed to claw her way past Besse’s already dead corpse. So … let’s not be so morbid about this!

Misao is now gunning for the number seven spot, which is less than three weeks away!

Everyone who was alive when she was born is now dead.

Where would be a link to the oldest people, living and dead? There was a local woman who died about three years ago, who was 113, and at the time was said to be the 30th oldest living person.


Me too - actually I think the whole death thing and “God willing” just caused me to jump to conclusions - so I blame it on myself and not the writer.

Actually I was expecting this to be about a new brand of Japanese Watch

You’d think she’d be the obvious suspect.

That’s one of the prerequisites of being the world’s oldest living person. Actually, it’s the only one.

Well played.

The amazing thing is that now, in 2014, there are still 5 people alive who were born in the 1800s.

Our favorite 19th century baby is now number seven on the list of oldest (verified) people ever. She’s also the second oldest Japanese person ever, and in two months would be the oldest. Good luck Misao! Long life to you! (That’s an “empty compliment” as your fictional countryman Pooh-bah once put it, but for a different reason.)

How come Morley Safer isn’t on that list?

Picture, or it ain’t so!

It seems weird that her husband died 83 years ago.

Seriously? It’s going to be 2041 before a guy born in 1931 is a supercentenarian.