If you get to ask one question for a person from the 1800s, what would it be?

Happy Birthday Misao Okawa! she has been around since the last, last century!

i wonder how much of her past does she remember?

I’ve been around since the last century too.

we’re in the 21st century. she’s from the 19th.

Missed the last, last.

quite something isn’t it? she’s born the same year as C. S. Lewis, who wrote The Chronicles of Narnia more than 60 years ago.

How bad was the smell, really?

Only 7 of the 100 oldest living people were men. :frowning:

I’d love to know, in HER opinion, what’s the single best innovation of her lifetime … and what’s the worst.

Why is that? Do women ride men to death?

You know why men die first?

Because we want to.

::rim shot::

“Where would you have stopped progress during your lifespan?”

Was living all this time worth it?

If I were to ask you if the road on the left leads to the tavern that is serving free ale tonight, would you say “Yes”?

Saran Wrap.

“What were your hopes and dreams when you were 25 years old?”

My grandmother, whom I’ve mentioned before a number of times, died in Novermber 2012, just short of her 108th birthday.

She told me once there had been no such thing as “the good old days” She like indoor bathrooms, air conditioning, washers and dryers, refrigerators and freezers, and modern medicine. She was a breast cancer survivor, having undergone a mastectomy at the age of ninety-one. She said people weren’t any better or worse in the past, and that all she missed were friends and relations that had gone on before her.

She wasn’t born in the 19th century, but 1904, and that’s close. I’d aske her, now, about the first time she voted in a presidential election. She did it 22 time in all, but that first time, 1928, would have been interesting.

We’ve read all the literature, fictional and otherwise, but what was it really like to be a teen back then? School, work, prelude to dating, recreation, etc…

“Are you going to break the record?”

(She just has to live six and a half more years. We’re rooting for you, Misao!)

Odd that the 1st and 6th oldest living person were born March 5th.

Happy birthday to Misao and Anna!

thanks for sharing, Baker.