12th Precinct fans - Barney Miller marathon on WGN on New Year's Day.

WGN America will run a 14 hour Barney Miller marathon on New Year’s Day, Friday, starting at 8:00 AM EST. If you’ve never seen this show and wonder what all the love for it is all about, it’s a chance to find out what made this a landmark series. If you’re an old fan, it’s the day to get together with old friends Barney, Harris, Wojo, Yemana, Fish, Chano, Dietrich, Levitt, and good ol’ Inspector Luger.

Thanks for the info. I have the first three seasons on DVD and so far there has not been any other releases.


There are about 70 episodes available on Hulu as well.

I want to hear Harris tell someone they are bound by law.

Thanks for the heads up. Gonna set the recorder.

WGN has been running Barney Miller on Sunday Nights for several months now. It took over for WKRP. I been really enjoying rewatching this great show. My DVR will probably overflow on New Years.

WKRP? With or without the music?

The ones running on WGN largely had the original music.

That is the odd thing, mostly with the music but not all of the shows. Better than the DVD set.

At least they had Jennifer’s doorbell playing “Fly Me To the Moon”.

Giving this another bump. Friday is the Barney Miller marathon on WGN. The competition will be the Looney Toons marathon on Cartoon Network.

We get “Barney Miller” on WWME-CA Channel 23 (digital 39) as well as on WCIU-TV channel 26 (digital 27) subchannel #2, in Chicago at 2:30pm daily

I like “Barney Miller,” but it’s very dated. It’s interesting to see how NYC was so in declind in the 70s, no one thought it would ever come back.

I remember the big laugh Wojo got when he bought Fish’s going away present, which was a NYC Bond payable in like 1999 or something. And the joke was which wouldn’t be there Fish Or NYC.

The whole cast was good, but the best era was with Fish and Nick

I agree the show went down a small notched with the loss of both Fish & Nick, but Dietrich was a great character. Levitt brought the show down a little I thought. Probably the weakest character.

The show was far more timely than most if not all sitcoms. The weaving in of real life really added to the show and I am now watching it as a really well done period piece. Think Madmen but even more accurate. I remember episodes dealing with the bicentennial, NYC bankruptcy, people shooting at cops and fireman and the constant decay of the once great city around them. This was one of the greatest shows and was consistently voted by police as the most realistic Cop Show on TV.

I just finished watching the episode where the guys have to get a swine flu shot .
The more things change the more they stay the same huh ?

I agree that Dietrich was great, and I liked Levitt too. Becuase that was really realistic to have a suck-up like that. We all know or have worked with such a suck-up type person.

I just loved Fish though, his “life kicked me in the face” humanity was too funny. They should’ve found someway to get him back on the show after his own show was cancelled.

The marathon just ended. My family must be relieved, as I monopolized our kitchen TV set most of the day watching this. One day was not enough.

Thanks for the heads up. I got most of em recorded on the DVR. I watched a few and was pleased to watch them again.