Most Underrated Sitcom of All-time

The recent derth of great sitcoms has had me reminiscing about some of the old shows I used to watch when I was younger. And I’d have to say that Wings is probably the most underrated sitcom of all-time. It’s hardly on TV anymore, at least where I am, but it was so funny. The writing was solid and Tony Shaloub and Thomas Haden Church played two of the greatest over the top characters ever.

So tell me, what are some of your favorite sitcoms, that just don’t get much respect?

I’ll agree with that one. It was always one of my favorites.

I’ve always said Malcolm in the Middle is underrated, though I know there’s a vocal group that loathes it.

I’ve also always thought that Married…With Children was better than the general public percieved it. At least, in the earlier seasons. When Al was just bitter, it was great. When they changed him into an idiot, it went downhill.

First two seasons of* Parker Lewis Can’t Lose*.

Coolness. :cool:


(I still watch Wings on Nick at Nite, though it comes on pretty late/early morning here in Seattle.)

I don’t know whether it was underrated, but I thought Barney Miller was the best show ever on American TV.

When I saw the title, I thought of Wings. I never saw an episode until last year when I got hooked on it on TV Land. Great ensemble of characters plus Crystal Bernard is addictive eye candy. I thought Roy had one of the better supporting roles in a sitcom, it seemed like he had all the great lines.

[hijack] The problem I’ve had mwith many sitcoms, starting with Wings, was that there was not a sypathetic character. [/hijack]

My favorite in this category was Hot L Baltimore, which I think almost nobody remembers.

NewsRadio. NBC bounced it around the schedule, and most of America never saw it.

A shame, because it’s an incredible show.

Get A Life. I think it was just too bizarre for most people. Also, a lot of people seemed to think it was just stupid, without realizing it was a parody of sitcoms.

Arrested Development, although it has a vocal fan base, is still not seen by the number of viewers it should be.

Soap, after re-watching it on DVD, is one of the few sitcoms of the time that still holds up.

Agreed. (Over here we got it on Paramount Comedy Channel)
Not sure if it counts as a sitcom but I miss Duckman which was on before or after Newsradio.

I heartily agree. It’s worth it just to see Richard Mulligan.

I must admit I never saw an entire episode of Wings, but I recently re-watched the mini-series version of The Shining, and I have a newfound respect for Steven Weber. (Not to mention the hots.)

I’d have to go with Arrested Development, a cult favorite and critical darling that inexplicably gets poor ratings. Funniest show EVER. But I used to love *Get a Life * and Parker Lewis Can’t Lose!

May I put in a vote forGreen Acres ? I believe, at the time, it was viewed as just another sitcom. I’ve seen the show at various times in re-run land. Buying the first two seasons on DVD hasn’t lowered my opinion at all. It was way ahead of it’s time for a 60’s sitcom.

Absolutely. I remember watching that on its first run and loved it. One of my favorite lines:
Mr. Douglas: “You pay more attention to that pig than you do your wife.”
Mr. Ziffle: “Have you looked at Doris lately?”

If you look at the question as “what sitcom died before its time?” then I have to go with Police Squad! Canceled after 6 weeks – what a waste.

If, on the other hand, the question is “what long-running sticom never got its propers?” then the question gets more difficult. I’m going to vote for Coach. Watching Craig T. Nelson do comedy was one thing, but Jerry Van Dyke owned the part of Luther.

Besides, you have to give Shelly Fabares credit for allowing her character to be dropped butt-first into a giant wedding cake.

When I was a lot younger, we used to rent a video from the store with all the Police Squad! episodes on it. Are they available on DVD nowadays?

Anyone remember When Things Were Rotten, the Robin Hood spoof by Mel Brooks? Or the western spoof Best of the West? Both very funny.

I never watched it while it was in it’s original run, but WKRP in Cincinatti gets my vote. I think I have seen every episode several times in re-runs. So many classic lines I can’t even begin to list them.

From what I gather now, they no longer show it because of some copyright mess due to all the music that appears on the episodes.