150,000 condoms to be handed out at the Olympics

Durex is handing out 150,000 condoms to Olympic athletes this year. That works out to about 15 condoms each. And you can get more if need be.

I think I took the wrong career path.

Nah. Whichever career path you chose beats giving out frangas hands down.

Sounds like someone is aiming to set a new world record.

Take a bunch of young (teenaged in some cases) and extremely physically fit people, put them in sequestered accommodations far away from friends and family and anyone else they know who might see them do anything naughty, add an emotionally-charged atmosphere and hey presto - a gold medal in shagging.

Consider the following examples of Team GB:

Exhibit A (for those who fancy the ladies)

Exhibit B (for those who fancy the lads)

I don’t know if those two in particular will be getting up to anything but there are a lot more hot athletes on their way to London right now.

150,000 condoms…that ‘s a lot of screwin’.
Is this really the example we want to set??

Well here are some details as to why they need so many condoms.

In what way are “we” setting the example? They’re not encouraging the athletes to have sex, they’re providing condoms because they’re going to screw anyway. You take a few thousand young and very fit people in tight clothes, put them in close proximity to each other, leave them pretty much on their own when they are not competing, and what do you think is going to happen? ESPN recently reported on this and it’s not new.

It’s a lurid and gossippy story becomes very surprising when you take a minute to think about it.

I tried that once, it turns out that pizza isn’t as good a prophylactic as they told me.

Yes. I would encourage athletes (and everyone else) to have safe sex.

And lots of it, if they wish.

When they look back in 20 years are they going to say, “I wish I worked out more” or “I wish I had more sex?”

Hey, they are adults, and not lacking for money. Why can’t they buy their own condoms?


I don’t know if you’re serious or not, but assuming you are, what is the bad example being set? Having responsible sex?

I have a problem with statements like this. If you provide me with condoms, you’re sending me the message that I am expected to use them.

Some people understandably have issues with the kind of sexuality described in the article—the casual, anonymous hookups and such.

I have issues with that as well. But so what? It’s happening anyway. Taking measures to minimize the fallout is more responsible than pretending it doesn’t happen.

Supposedly those are unused condoms.

In my case it’s 30 years.:frowning:

Why do you care? A private company is giving away their own product, no tax dollars are being used & it’s another country so it wouldn’t be your tax dollars anyhow.

Also they are young people who don’t usually have a lot of money and going to the Olympics is expensive.

Why do you say they’re not lacking for money? Most of them are not milionaire professional athletes. Condoms are cheap, but with the athletes’ schedule and that many people coming to the Olympics from around the world it might not be that easy for the athletes to get their own.

No, I’m not. It’s a fact that there’s going to be a lot of sexual activity. They’re providing condoms, not telling anybody to use them, keeping track of who uses them or why they are or are not using them. There’s no expectation in the sense of endorsing sexual activity- although even if there was I’d have to ask “So what?”

I’m pretty sure I read exactly the same story at the time of the 2008 Olympics, and exactly the same type of comments followed. This is not new, folks.

Don’t they realize that this is going to encourage wanton sexual immorality?

I certainly hope there will be recycling bins available!