16 yo Teenage Boy Has Sex with Teacher, $6 Million Dollar Settlement

What did Polanski do to you in junior high?:eek:

He had sex, he received payment; will he now be arrested for prostitution?
I have no idea what the custody arrangements are but it would be interesting to see, if he’s required to pay child support, if the court increases his monthly payment because of this ‘windfall’ of assets.

Way to generalize there. :dubious:

How does shared custody work when mom is a convicted sex offender?

In all likelihood the actual payout will be either whatever the the school district (if that’s who’s writing the check) limit for a per incident claim is. It wouldn’t surprise me if the judge actually wrote that the she must pay the lower of the two. So if the insurance only pays out $2m per incident, that’s all he’ll see. There’s also cases (if it’s still the case) where the state has limits on these things. All this may have been done away with years ago, but you used to hear personal injury cases where victims would be awarded hundreds of millions of dollars, but it didn’t matter since the state had a limit of something like $60,000, so who cares.

A) Duh.
B) The 70’s and early 80’s were over 35 years ago, it’s time to get with the times. If a female makes a mistake she should face the same punishment a male does. In this case, a teacher shouldn’t get to sleep with a student just because the teacher is female. What you’re doing is…I can’t. Just, what you’re suggesting is wrong on so many levels,.

Yes, most teen males are willing to screw anyone or anything at the drop of a hat, and take very little effort to seduce.

And that’s why we have laws against it. They are still children, and are not competent to be making decisions about sex on their own. An adult woman who takes advantage of a teenage male’s poor judgement and overactive libido is a predator, and should be treated as such.

This wasn’t a judgement, this was a settlement between the plaintiff and the school board. The school board agreed to pay $6 million to make the case go away. Presumably the school board knows what its insurance limits (and other financial resources) are and took these into account when they made the offer to settle.

Often it will be the insurance company itself doing the settlement negotiation.

I meant the same student.

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Add me (and my wife) to the short list of folk who are not terribly impressed with the idea of inherent harm from statutory rape. Sure, the case could be made - on the facts of a particular case - that the youth suffered significant harm. And maybe that was the case here. And people in positions of authority should be dissuaded from taking advantage of subordinates under them. And the birth of a child is an added factor. But lacking evidence as to the damages young man suffered, $6 mill sounds pretty steep to me.

On edit - I guess the settlement largely reflects the district’s apparent knowledge of the ongoing relationship. That is an entirely different kettle of fish than statutory rape itself IMO.

Damn phone…

What if the teacher was male and it was the same student.

Then… No pregnancy. Win win… Right Ace?

high five

You got to nail the teacher? Win.

You got to nail the teacher AND they gave you $6 million for doing it? Holy shit. That’s some kind of epic level jackpot.

the difference is also that if the genders were reversed (male teacher/female student,) this thread would have probably been more along the lines of “Only $6 million? They should castrate him and force feed him his testicles” instead of “way to go, young man!”

I have a son and a daughter. My reaction would be the exact same if either of them, at 16, had sex with their teacher: I’d want to strangle the teacher. No high-fives. No winks. No atta-boys. That’s a child, no matter the gender, and I don’t want them having sex with someone placed in authority and protection over them. Doesn’t matter who initiated it. If the kid has the hots for teacher, they can take care of that lust in private. If the teacher has hots for children, they shouldn’t be teaching.

And some 16 year-olds are more mature than others. I was a late bloomer; at 16, a teacher having sex with me would’ve absolutely traumatized me. Sure, I may have fantasized about it, and I wouldn’t have stopped it while it was happening, but it would’ve messed me up. And this is why there are laws against it. Not everyone is at the same level at 14 or 15 or 16.

And to say this kind of thing was acceptable (or ignored) 25+ years ago? Well, there were a lot of bad things that were acceptable (or ignored) in the past, doesn’t mean we should go back to those lower standards.


That’s some circular reasoning and how can it be considered true in general? A 16 or 17 year old is not a kid. At 17 they can’t have the mental capacity to consent to sex but at 18 they can vote and fight in the army? Development is not that abrupt.

Nice slide there. You start with “16 or 17”, move on to talk about the mental capability of a 17 year old, then finish up with the legal rights of an 18 year old. The kid was 16-period.

So no gender equality?

So what? The same arguments about the “kid” being a 17 year old would have been made.

Aside from a legal definition that applies in only certain scenarios what evidence exists that a 16 year old cannot consent?

Got your eyes on a 12 year old?

Or do you have another reason for making this argument?

Questions withdrawn, missed the edit window. Thought this was in the pit, and my post might skate near the edge for MPSIMS.