TWO Teachers Charged For Sex With SAME Student

I copy and pasted the article here, it is not long at all.


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You’re not supposed to do that.

Paste whole articles, that is. Yo should have provided a link, which would have provided mugshots too.

The teachers were both pretty cute.

Idiot had to brag about it, of course.

Charged for sex?

Fifty bucks, same as in town?


No “smug” shot of the student?

Dude, stop bogarting the faculty.

Where were these ladies when I was in high school?

Other reports have stated it was a threesome.

It was discovered when the sixteen year old student began bragging to his friends.

Well, who wouldn’t have?

If the genders were reversed, would you be high-fiving a girl in this situation?

Correct. Other reports state the student was treated at a local hospital where he had his arm placed in a cast due to frequent high fives. Both arms actually.

Well no but I also don’t really stay awake at night worrying about the poor 16 year old girls having sex with adults of their own volition.
Won’t someone think of the…teenagers? NO WAIT DON’T!

South Park had an episode about this.

Nobody ever said life was fair. A sixteen year old boy who had a threesome with two women doesn’t face the same social stigma as a sixteen year old girl who had a threesome with two men.

As a man, no, I wouldn’t presume to, but if all the genders were reversed, so that it was women or other teen girls who were high-fiving her, I wouldn’t be offended.

On the other hand, I would not be at all surprised if they did not feel like doing so. It is different for girls. In general, I would expect that most teenaged girls would not much want to have sex with men in their thirties, even attractive ones, whereas most teenaged boys would be more than happy to have sex with attractive women (such as these) in their thirties. (I certainly would have been when I was a teenager. I even paid for it - not threesomes, just vanilla sex - on a couple of occasions, when I was not very much older than this boy. I would rather have been doing it with a girl closer to my own age, for free, but I wasn’t getting any offers. I am pretty confident that teen girls, or even women in their twenties, are almost never tempted to pay a man for sex. Lots of young men are tempted to pay women, and many do so. The women in question are usually not all that attractive, either.)

They were good looking teachers, too. I certainly would have bragged, if I were his age.

I like to think I might have been enough of a gentleman not to brag about it, not too soon or so as to risk getting them being identified, anyway, but I would certainly have been feeling pretty darn pleased with myself.

When I was in high school one of these ladies was in elementary school and the other had not been born. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would the girl brag about it ?
Life ain’t fair. There’s a difference between boys and girls. Nobody has suggested that this 16 year old boy will be scarred psychologically. A girl might very well be hurt with long-term effects.

It’s still illegal as hell, and the teachers were total idiots to think they wouldn’t get caught.Fire them, and give them short prison sentences. They surely don’t deserve a life sentence, like this woman who let a boy touch her breast

Oh yes, girls are delicate flowers that need protecting from being damaged, and boys are raging sex fields that are lucky to have any sex, no matter how screwed up the circumstances.

It is always wrong for a teacher to sleep with students they are teaching. Yes, it coercive and it can be damaging. Yes, boys can experience sex as damaging or degrading.

Rather than picturing the victim as a female, picture there perpetrators as male. If a 15 year old boy had sex with two teachers in their 30s, voluntarily, would we be cheering him on?

what gave it away were the number of gold stars the kid had.

Are they cute, in your example?