Hot Teachers, Seduced Students

See here.

Yowzah! Where were these teachers when I was in school? :frowning:

Sam, I know you’re only having fun, but this creeps me out. Especially because I’m a teacher and some of my students are in the age ranges of the victims here. GROSS.

Also, how did Rebecca Dawn Bogard buy a Jaguar on a teacher’s salary?

Exactly my thoughts.

I’ll tell ya something else, If I’d ever have been “molested” by a female teacher (hot one) I’d have kept my frigging trap shut.

Me too!

I had a few teachers I got on really well with, one of which was female and pretty attractive. Especially to my teenage hormone-addled body.

I wouldn’t have minded her molesting me.
In my imagination she was doing it anyway.

And the award for “Thread title that sounds most like porno spam goes to…”

::Tries to open envelope::

::Award envelope won’t open::

::Finds envelope is suspiciously sticky::

::Puts down envelope and backs away slowly::

I’ve seen photos of a lot of ugly teachers who’ve had sex with students.

I suppose they deserve the death penalty?

Jeebus. One of those women was my age and having sex with 17YO. GAH.

Do us a favor, and stop treating your pretty teachers like centerfold models. They are not there to provide you with masturbation fantasies. They are there to teach the subject to you.

The teachers, male and female, who sleep with students are predators. They lack the ability to form healthy relationships with appropriate people, so they turn to students because a student can be manipulated and used with (usually) few consequences.

Had your teacher actually fulfilled your fantasy, it wouldn’t have been because you were a hot, sexy, manly-man stud at an early age. It would have been because you were an easy mark, the crippled antelope that catches the cheetah’s attention.

The thing is… few crippled antelopes actually want to be run down and torn apart on the savannah.

Many young males want to fuck a hot teacher. So the argument here is that while perhaps the teacher is using the student, so, too, is the student using the teacher.

I would have been perfectly ok with that.
On the other hand, one thing that does get though is if the gender rolls were reversed, a male teacher and a female student, I can guarantee you the sentences would have been a lot harsher.

And the word of the day is…


In which cases does this hold water, in other words, it’s okay if the teacher is hot but not if she’s an ugly skank? In which cases, with male teachers, is it okay because the female student was using him? In which cases, with female on female or male on male sex, is this okay and consenual?

In 12 years of school I had exactly one teacher who was on par with any of those in the link.

I would’ve given my pancreas to fuck a hot teacher from about age 12 on.

So like who pissed on your cornflakes today then?

huh, huh?

In my entire educational career, I had one teacher I can truly deem hot- Linda M in 5th Grade. However, I was only 11 & she was a well-behaved woman. Hell, 35 years later, she’s still a fine-lookin’ woman.

That’s hot.


So you’re still trying? :smiley:

Hopefully the gender roles don’t count in sentencing.

If a female teacher had seduced either one of my sons while they were young & dumb, I’d hope the judge would throw the book at 'em. Regardless of what the boy thought.

I dunno. I was a pretty easy mark way back then. I WAS the crippled antelope. But nary a nibble. Nada. :frowning:

Maybe I should have affected a pronounced limp.