16 yo Teenage Boy Has Sex with Teacher, $6 Million Dollar Settlement

This is a truly crazy settlement.

Seems like a lot of money.

Well, the boy is on the hook for 18 years of child support payments.

Schoolkid raped. Has a child with the rapist. Has to see and deal with rapist for next 18 years as they share custody of their child. Schoolkid burdened with being a teen parent.

School principal knew the schoolkid was being raped and failed to report it to police. School district claims photo of the kid in the birthing suite was not credible evidence. Waits for credible evidence before making a police report.

Yeah. Crazy settlement. Should have been more.

…holy crap. Crazy all right. Agree with Iggy. Only 6 million? Should have been more.

Why do you think the settlement was crazy?

Well, I’m impressed. He nails the horny lady teacher and collects 6 million.

well played young man. :smiley:

Hell, I was still beating off to Playboy at that age. LOL I would have traded my left testicle to be in this guy’s shoes.

I guess child support entered into the large settlement.

What if it were a horny male teacher?

Completely different scenario. Sex means something important to girls. Especially impressionable young girls with no prior sexual experience.

Guys are different. We spread our genetic seed whenever and to whoever we can. Sex can eventually lead to a meaningful relationship. But it takes more than just copulating with a woman a couple times for a guy to get all starry-eyed in love. Infatuated? Horny for teacher? You betcha. But not in love.

It’s the difference in a one night stand and dating. How many people get all worked up about a one night stand they had three weeks ago? It happened. It was a hell of a lot of fun while it lasted and now it’s ended. You really hope she didn’t have a STD. At least that’s how it was for me when I was still single. I’ve been off the market for a couple decades.

Of course, keep in mind that the kid’s lawyer’s are going to get about $2,000,000 of his settlement.

And, assuming that his settlement was not for physical injuries or physical sickness, the IRS and the California FTB are going to get a nice chunk.

His federal tax bill is going to be about $1,680,000. (I am using the AMT rate of 28%. Note that legal fees are not deductible for AMT purposes except in civil rights cases.)

His California tax bill is going to be at least $508,000. (Calculated allowing $2,000,000 deduction for legal fees. I know that California also has an AMT, but I do not know much about how it is calculated or about whether a deduction for legal fees would be allowed. The actual tax could be much higher.)

So, if my calculations and assumptions are right, he probably is really not going to have much left after paying child support.

I’m glad there will be money to take care of the baby. Some of it needs to be properly invested and there should be a future college fund available.

Did you coach lil acey Jr. in the techniques required to nail a teacher?

God you’re fucking tedious.

Apparently she made the first move.

Let’s be honest. These two people used and manipulated each other. He had just as much fun as she did.

Our society has decided it’s illegal even when it’s an older woman an younger guy. She should have obeyed the law. Now she’s facing the consequences of her actions.

I don’t agree with the law. There should be an exception in these cases with older women hooking up with younger guys. But so what? The law still has to be enforced when it’s broken.

If California law regarding court settlements is anything like Indiana’s (which is what I have experience with) he’ll only have to pay on what he actually collects. He probably won’t actually collect anything like 6 million because it’s unlikely the guilty party has anything near that much in assets.

Let’s get real here - there are probably cases of young girls that age manipulating older male teachers for a lark or whatever but the law makes no exceptions for that. Probably are cases where the young boy in this scenario suffers psychological harm from a manipulative older woman even if he is getting sex out of the deal.

Statutory rape laws should apply to all, no wink and a nod for “special” cases. Certainly, the older party of these two knew better but went ahead anyway.

Are you for real???!! The student was underage and he was nailed by a very horny teacher who had to know it illegal to have sex with a kid !

The school district (and their insurers) don’t have six million bucks?

Sorry, thought he was suing the teacher. Yeah, the school district, or rather, their insurance, probably does have the bucks.

Indeed, they are thrilled to be only paying six mill.

Women weren’t normally prosecuted for sex with underage boys until the past 25 years. I never saw these cases in the papers in the 1970’s or early 80’s. At some point the courts decided that it was unfair to make an exception for older women. Equal Rights. So they started prosecuting older women around the late 80’s.

Men with underage girls was routinely prosecuted long before I was born. It should be prosecuted because it effects girls differently. There’s more of an emotional connection to sex for girls. The most well known case is Roman Polanski when I was in junior high.