18 months [regarding Trump's tenure]

We are a year and a half into the Trump presidency and my house hasn’t depreciated, my 401k isnt in the tank and my kids haven’t been killed in a nuclear holocaust. There are no concentration camps set up and the press hasn’t been rounded up and thrown into jail.

If you imagine that the majority of people who didn’t vote for him thought all or even any of those things would happen, I suggest you drink more of the reality kool-aid instead of whatever you’ve been drinking up until now.

We were worried about other things. Things which actually have come to pass.

Maybe not the majority, but a substantial portion were convinced (and some still are) that we’d just voted in President Windrip.

As above.

Many of my friends and I considered ourselves demographically ‘safe’, i.e. not women or members of ‘undesirable’ minorities or ‘undesirable’ religions and we are safely above median income.

We fully expected Trump’s election would actually probably make us financially better off - because he’d probably push for economic measures that benefited us by screwing over not only poorer people but also future generations.

As such, we didn’t think there’d be an immediate collapse of the markets or of civilization. But we did think there would be significant damage to institutions and regulations that we, our children, and even grandchildren would have to deal with for decades to come. And since we’re not the sort to say “I’ve got mine, kids, so screw you”, this does concern us. I, for one, am not the sort to want to pass the buck to future generations.

But sure, if you want to listen to the shrillest of the chicken little’s and ignore the vast majority who were more worried about a slow (though faster, in hindsight, than expected) slide, feel free to point fingers and say “neener, neener, that thing you didn’t even say in the first place was wrong!”.

Did the OP miss where the pres set up camps for holding children in cages? Seems to have overlooked that.

It’s not called the press anymore, they’re the enemy of the people.

And straw sales are through the roof!

Give him time.

We also don’t have the Wall, ACA hasn’t been repealed, Roe v Wade is still the law of the land, Planned Parenthood is still getting funded, the ESL hasn’t been “updated”, and the US is still in NATO and the UN.

It’s not for lack of trying. We’re just lucky trump’s administration is so incompetent.

But the Obama administration actually did: https://mcgovern.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=396628

Donald Trump is a twit, but not because of his conservative policy issues. It’s because of his lack of presidential demeanor, lack of respect for other people, lack of honor, lack of decorum, lack of intellect, lack of honesty, lack of true leadership, etc. etc.

Uh…tariffs, additional restriction of free trade, kowtowing to brutal dictators (without any tangible economic or geopolitical benefits to the US), massive deficit spending.

If those are non-twit conservative policy issues, conservatism has drastically changed in the last 18 months.

Wow. Snopes debunked a photo I’d never seen before.

That totally changes everything.

Thanks, President Obama!

So things aren’t quite as bad as some people feared. That’s a really low bar to judge a President, isn’t it? I guess Obama was fantastic because he was in office 8 years and never came after our guns.

And there’s a chance that my marriage will be nullified. Paradoxically, a greater chance if he’s impeached, because Pence.

The world has lost respect for us and we probably won’t gain it back in our lifetimes.

Child abuse is now government policy in our anti-immigration efforts.

The president commits open treason constantly.

The plutocracy has become even more powerful.

The overton window on authoritarianism and incompetence has moved to make this behavior more acceptable.

We are living in the most corrupt and criminal presidency in modern history.

So yeah we still don’t like it. But again, its 18 months into Trumpism, which sadly won’t end with Trump. Who knows what civil rights Trumpists will try to curtail in the coming decade.

Good for YOU!

You don’t get it. I am making money and my world hasn’t blown up. That’s all that matters. Puerto Rico, Charlottesville, separated children, porn star payoffs, lies, treason, incompetence, security, shithole countries, idiotic tweets, NATO trashing, dictator praise, corruption and on and on… these do not matter. All that matters is that I am making money and my world hasn’t blown up.

Come on now, we all know deficit spending only matters to Republicans when a Democrat does it.

Mock if you wish, but I’m really enjoying the OP’s series of “hey everybody, isn’t Trump awesome?” threads. I especially like how short they are.