19 dead, 20 injured in Sagamihara, Japan

[Two sentences on the AP:

Why would anyone attack a facility for the disabled? I mean, was he targeting the disabled people or the people who work there?

Also, I don’t want to forget the what-by-now-seems-to-be-obligatory “What the fucking fuck is wrong with all these people lately??” query: What the fucking fuck is wrong with all these people lately??

19 people dead in a KNIFE attack?!

Your article says he worked there so he was probably disgruntled and, for what ever fucked up reason, thought this was a way to get revenge.

It’s not particularly hard to stab disabled people to death.

Special circumstances, I think.

Depending on the natures of the various disabilities in play, many of the victims may have been less able to escape or defend themselves.

Shit. That’s nauseatingly bad.

ETA: Beaten to the punch by treis. But I don’t think joking about ninjas would be appropriate ATM.

From wiki; On 25 July 2016, at least 19 people were killed and up to 50 injured in a mass stabbing incident at a disabled care home in the city.

If it’s a K-bar/hunting knife, I could see it.

Doing a quick Google search to see which of the other knife massacres in Japan happened on the same day as one of the more notable mass killings in America turns out to be a really depressing thing to do.

The way to stop mass murder is to improve mental health, not reduce access to weapons. This tragedy wasn’t about knives, the recent attack in France wasn’t about Trucks, and the OKC bombing wasn’t about fertiliser. These attacks were all committed by deranged individuals who used the weapons they had available. The gun debate that pops up after mass shootings rather misses this point.

It was the middle of the night when this happened. Low staff levels and it sounds like he killed them in their beds. Horrible.

BBC news.

Agenda much?

If this monster used a gun, this would quickly become a gun control thread. The point I’m trying to make is, people, not weapons, commit murder. If we can acknowledge that a knife or bomb attack is the result of a deranged or radicalized person, why are guns blamed for shootings?

Good job making sure that happens anyway, guy.

It wasn’t, until you brought it up in this post.

Let’s stick with just discussing the event for now and save the politics or gun debate for GD. Make a thread there if you want to debate it, please.

The disabled:

I heard someone mention the other day that “at least” with a gun there is a lot of noise and people start running away from the noise. With a knife and a crowded area, several people can be dead or dying before anyone knows what’s going on, and that is just the people in the immediate area.

Sleeping disabled people. Damn.

You do have to remember that Japanese culture is not as accepting of differently-abled as ours is.

Oh, well that explains it then. :dubious:

I heard on the news this morning that this idiot wants to be found innocent and be given 50 million yen.

Ain’t gonna happen, asshole.