1920s Style Death Ray: I Burning Your Dog

Sorry. Couldn’t resist combining these two recently developed catch phrases. You may recognize these gems from such classic threads as “rock in the box: I burning your dog” and “Are scalar weapons for real?”. I get endless joy from in-jokes and pop culture references so I was unable to not make this thread. Still, gluttony is no excuse for not living up to the implied promise in this thread’s title. Being as such, I will now move on to dropping a backdraft on this particular K-9:

:clears throat:

Hey! You! 1920s Style Death Ray, you say? Yeah, right. I got your 1920s Style Death Ray RIGHT HERE! If you catch my meaning. And this aint your momma’s 1920s style death ray either. As a matter of fact 1920s is possessive. I know a guy we call 1920, and he has a Style Death Ray, and he just used it on all of you. As far as styles go: you biatches now have none. You would know that 1920s was possessive if we had not banned the apostrophe, which admittedly was pretty good at indicating the possessive. Now, you may say to yourself that none of this makes much sense, but I laugh in your general direction, because that is all part of the show when you burning they dogs. You can prance around with your 1920s Style Death Ray all you like, but will you be prancing when there is nothing to prance about? Hmmm? Will you be prancing then? That’s what I thought. Consider your chocolate lab spontaneously combusted you damn dirty apes.

Now then, please feel free to step up in agreement or, if you are the simple-minded type, to actually defend 1920s Style Death Rays. I ask only that in each post you include at least one gratuitous pop culture reference (be it a blatant OR veiled reference). Said reference can be from any Movie, TV Show, Book, Infomercial, Straight to Video Steven Segal vehicle, or Play. The only exception is that no one may use “The Knights who Say Ni!” reference. That would be nonsensical at this point. Thank you very much. As a disclaimer I will add that we are not responsible in any of your belonging.

DaLovin’ Dj

What did **Ray ** ever do to you?

Let us just say that he was involved in a homicide - the particulars of which were reminiscent of a certain decade which was known to be roaring.

All I have to ask is if 1920s Death Rays ever jump the shark will we finally have sharks with frigging 1920s Death Rays on their heads?

I don’t know if the Kilbracken Shark Mount kits ever made it into production. I’ll have to check my sources.

But, assuming Batman was prepared, who would win in a celebrity death-cage-match: Fonzie, Dr. Evil, or Dr. Who?

The Doctor from Dr. Who. “Doctor Who” isn’t his bloody name.

Damn. I guess that changes the whole meaning of the famous Abbot and Costello bit “Dr. Who’s on first?

And yet another cliche dons a leather jacket and rides the motorcycle of overuse over the foam rubber sharks of popularity, landing safely on the other side of so ten minutes ago.

That’s TWO cliches, buddy. Jeez. I’m getting too old for this shit.

I wish people would stop borrowing my Death Ray…

Sorry, I was possessed.

Ah, they’re 1920’s style “Death Rays.”

We are gonna ban the quotation marks next so you better enjoy using them while you still can.

Its a shame about Ray

You want the truth about 1920s style death rays? You CAN’T HANDLE the truth about 1920s style death rays!


beats dalovindj senseless with his own death ray

Ya know, I don’t think that “1920s” is possessive. The death rays don’t belong to the decade. I think it’s a plural because we’re talking about all ten years of the nineteen-twenties.

But apostrophes should be used to indicate missing letters. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a good example off the top of my head, dalovin’dj.

It’s his own fault really. The stone under his desk was just a rock in the box. Engraved? It wasn’t even real!

That one was pretty bad. I guess I deserve any physically induced loss of cognition that occurs as a result.

That would be all well and good, but I was referring to the Style Death weapon (a ray gun type of thing) which my man 1920 likes to sport. He helps me when I’m torching poodles. He takes aim and destroys your style, even when it’s only set on stun.

Dalovin’ Dj