1997 Kawasaki Concours

I will figure out posting pictures if anyone actually expresses interest (which I doubt, but hey, it’s a new forum!), but here’s a link to a picture of what the bike looked like brand new (this is someone else’s picture – not mine): http://home.ica.net/~gat/kaw2.jpg

Here’s the deal. I’m the second owner of the bike, and I have all the of the paperwork, including service records. However, the bike has been stored outside and uncovered and unridden since May (it was my daily rider for two years prior). It was serviced right before that and had new tires put on, but, again, it’s been sitting since.

I’ve given up on riding temporarily, and as I’m moving in three weeks and won’t have a place to put the bike without spending some extra cash on storage, I’d like to let it go to someone who’ll actually ride it. I’m willing to have it towed to a shop to get it running again if someone is going to take it off my hands.

Items to note: the lock on the left-side glove box is completely missing. Also, the right-side saddle bag has two locks, and one of the locks is non-functional (but the bag can still be secured with the other lock). It has never been dropped, although I did catch it on the way down once in a parking lot, and I don’t recall whether there were any scratches that resulted.

Kelly Blue Book lists the bike’s trade-in value (in good condition) at $1,565. I’d like to sell it for $1,000. I live in Los Angeles, and you’d have to come get the bike.

Please PM me if you have any questions.

While you might get someone here, have you tried the Concours site? Might be able to find someone to take her off your hands faster there.

Picture no worky.

Try this: http://home.ica.net/~gat/1.jpg

Do you have bike insurance documents and what kind of insurance policy did you have for your bike. I think if you post pictures here…will be more attractive and more people would be interested.

I don’t think I understand the relevance of the insurance documents.

At any rate, I will post pictures if I can ever get a day off from work. I haven’t had any time at all to focus on selling the bike.