2 a.m. Is No Time For Explosions....

…or, "How Hal Loses ‘Husband Of The Year’ Honors"

Two nights ago, at roughly 2 a.m.:

Hal*, wake up! Did you hear that??”
Zzzzz…zzzzzz…zzzznork! Huh? Wassathoney?
“Wake up! What was that?”
Wha…I didn’ hear nuffinzzzzz…
Wake up! It sounded like a bunch of explosions!”
Naaw…I didn’ hear no explosizzzzzzzz…

Two minutes pass:

“Wake up!! There it is again!”
<indecipherable grunting>
“Please, wake up! It was rattling the windows…it sounded like some kind of bombing. Could we be under attack?”
Zzzzzzno bombing you were just dreaming go back to sleepzzzzzz…
“I wasn’t dreaming! I’m wide awake and scared to death!”

<sigh> Ok…<turns on radio, listens to three seconds of music, turns off radio>. There. If there was something major going on, they would have broken in to the music to announce it.* Me sleep now.*
“Ok then…hold me?”
ZzzzzI loveyoutoozzzzz
“I said ‘hold me’!”
Ohhh…<drapes an arm over sweet, wonderful, but slightly over-reactive wife, and slips back into blissful sleep>
*Ok, no, my wife doesn’t really call me Hal.
**A.K.A. “2 a.m. Logic”. Of course, if there were a real disaster, it would take the station at least five or ten minutes to get their act together enough to break in with the news.
Come the next evening:

“Ah hah!! I’m not going crazy!”

In my mind, the only thing I can thing is that if you have to start a conversation by yelling that statement, you’re instantly contradicting yourself.

Then, she shows me this.

Well I’ll be damned. A fire breaks out at an oxygen supply company two towns over, and my wife is using her Jamie Somers-style hearing to pick up on it. Looks like I’m going to have to be a bit more trusting in her judgment.
Last night ago, at roughly 2 a.m.:

Hal, wake up! Did you hear that??”
ZzzzzzzWHAT? What is it honey? What did you hear?
"Nothing…just checking… :stuck_out_tongue: "

I’m lucky to have her, and she’s lucky I realize that. :slight_smile:

<smacky icon>

Then again I once slept through sirens and all sorts of banging on my doors and windows when the house next to the one I was living in at the time caught fire during the night.

Yep, Hal your wife should be glad she has you and not me. :smiley:

[sup]course the fact that I’m gay wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun for her either I suspose.[/sub]

learn to code? why should I learn to code? grrrrrrrrrrr

Crap, that’s a pretty spectacular picture in the link, there. No wonder your wife thought it was an attack. :smiley:

I’m betting it’s a heavy laundry day for the folks who actually live in Dover Township.

Did I ever tell you about the time my girlfriend and I were getting a bit of morning action when a boiler in her apartment tower blew? Nothing like milling about with all the neighbors reeking of randy for the few hours it took before the firefighters declared the building safe to reenter. :o

Dang! And I thought I had it bad hearing theme park fireworks several times a night (each of them sets them off at different times, so between the boomboomboomboom (distant, clear night) and the GABOOM!!! (humid night, sound carries; doncha know), I don’t sleep until about 11:30 pm sometimes.

Al least everyone was all right. No word on the cause yet?

Hah! My husband can sleep through ANYTHING, so I think it must be a guy thing.

To be honest, it’s quite rare to get an earthquake that you can actually feel up here. On three separate occasions, he had gone to bed, but I had stayed up. The house started shaking and the ground started making creepy rumbling noise. I sort of freaked out and went to see if everyone in the house was alright. He slept right through them. I woke him up, and our conversation was pretty much like Hal’s and his wife. He also accused me of imagining the quakes. Like Hal’s wife, I too stated, “Hah, I’m not crazy”, when I pointed out the newspaper articles to him the day following each of the quakes.

Of course, he slept through wailing babies and everything else, so I shouldn’t be surprised he slept through quakes.

Awwww honey, I’m the one who’s lucky to have you…except for middle of the night explosions…then I’m not that lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

Just imagine if you were relying on pulling out… and the timing was just right…