2 CFMoto (QLink) CVT Motorbikes for Sale

After agonizing over it for over a year, my wife and I have decided to put our 2008 Qlink Saperos (AKA CFMoto V3) up for sale. We both thought my wife would become comfortable with riding, but she never did, and it’s no fun without her, so here we are.

Both bikes are in very good condition. My bike, the black one, only has 100 miles on it. My wife’s, the pink one, which has approximately 700 miles on it, has a custom paint job to match her helmet.

Note 1: These are CVT (or so-called automatic transmission) bikes, and are clutchless. You simply start the ignition, turn the throttle and go. There are no gears to shift. Both are equivalent to 250cc.

Note 2: Both bikes have been garaged for over two years without starting, which means they will both need a thorough carb and engine cleaning before starting.

I am asking $1800 each, so $3600 for the pair. Saddle bags and trickle chargers will be included in the deal.

Below are some pictures.

In the garage at home

Side view in the garage at home

Front view in the garage at home

Side view of both at the store before delivery

Wife’s bike in our driveway.

Wife’s bike at the store before delivery

Wife’s bike in our driveway

My bike at the store before delivery

My bike in our driveway

Another view of my bike in our driveway

My bike in our garage at home

My wife’s helmet that was used as inspiration for her bike’s custom paint job

Your location? Seems like these might be a problem to ship overseas. I’m looking at your location field and not seeing where you’re from.

A little help, please?

The bikes are in central New Jersey, US.

Thanks. I asked because I had never heard of these particular bikes before. Wanted to make sure you weren’t overseas with that location field of yours.

Appreciate the clarification.

No problem.

Now I guess I just wait for the flood of offers, eh? :wink:

Do you still have the 2 motorbikes for sale? They are just what I was looking for.

Yes, they are still for sale.

Is there any interest at all in these bikes? As an incentive, I’m lowering the price by $300 each, knocking the price down to $1500 each. That’s a $600 savings if you purchase both. They’re barely used, so that’s a good price.

These bikes are still for sale, if there’s any interest at all. They’re going for $1500 each.

Don’t suppose you’d be willing to break up the set?

Please pardon the delayed response. I’d really like to sell them together. Then again, I’m not having much luck there, am I? Let’s talk.

Deleted. Duplicate post.

if the black one is still avail. lets talk. i will pay $1900. Not interested in pink.

Bumping this thread to announce another price drop as there wasn’t much real interest before.

Both bikes are still for sale, sitting idle in my garage.

The new price is $2200 for both bikes, or $1300 for either one.

Last call for these bikes before I donate them.

I will entertain solid offers, even if they are lower than my latest price posted on November 12.

These bikes are no longer available.

This thread can be closed.