2 days in Baton Rouge

I’ll be in Baton Rouge, LA for a couple of days next week–am also planning a brief side trip to N.O. Main question–food! I love cajun and creole. Where can a guy go for a good meal at a decent price? Note: in N.O., I’ll probably be limited to the french quarter area.

Brunet’s (pronounced brew-nay’s), or Mike Anderson’s Restaurant in Baton Rouge. Mostly seafood, but other dishes available, entrees about $7 or $8 for lunch, $12-18 for dinner. There are any number of Italian, Chinese, Mexican, and Middle Eastern restaurants that I think are pretty good. Too many to list.

In the French Quarter in New Orleans, try Acme Oyster House, or Felix’s Oyster House. Good sandwiches at Napoleon House (classical music played continously), and Maspero’s. Ask the locals about other places, there are a lot from which to choose.

Portobello’s for Italian, Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro for something fancy.

Cane’s for fast food chickens. Sammy’s in Highland Road has some boiled crawfish specials and cajun food.

Louie’s for diner food.