2 Questions on Animale Neutering..

  1. my cat got neutered yesterday & i was curios as to whether or not they could just give the animal a vasectomy like they would do to a human (cut the tubes leading from the testicles up the where the sperm is stored…the name of the tube escapes me at the moment) would this be possible, and if so better for the animal?

  2. to neuter my cat they removed his tesicles right (correct me if i am wrong)? Well i looked up what Male meant on Dictionary.com and it said the following…
    'Male: A member of the sex that begets young by fertilizing ova.

Of, relating to, or designating the sex that has organs to produce spermatozoa for fertilizing ova. ’

Considering my cat no longer has testicles, is he still a HE? because there are no organs to produce spermotozoa for fertilizing ova anymore…?

thanks in advance…

well i looked

if your cat is young (kitten) and did not yet develope seconadry sexual characteristics then he will basically be a kitten his whole life. As for wheather or not he will still be a ‘he’ - well you wouldn’t start calling him her and he still has the male sex chromosone XY.
btw Most of the feline secondary sexual characteristics are undesirable to cat owners. they include (or manifest themselves as) spraying, howling, leaving for days at a time, fighting.

If your cat has already developed 2nd. sex. char. then nutering will diminish them and could eliminate some. One cat I had and got nutered at about 6 yrs old still would travel for 2-3 days on occation for about 2 years after.

If the cat had a vasectomy, it would eliminate none of the annoying behaviors associted with an intact male cat, like spraying. I don’t know if this is “better” for the cat, but it certainly isn’t better for the owner.

yeah, he used to spray from day one!

once eh walked into my room and behind a cupboard, then all of a sudden i said NOOOOO and rand and picked him up and he was squatting about to spray.

Your cat is still male, even if he’s no longer capable of reproducing.

I read that a lion had a vasectomy (the zoo had all the lions it needed or would need in the future) and I imagine that a housecat could also be given a vasectomy. However, there’s two big reasons to neuter housecats: it keeps them from siring even more unwanted kittens, and it reduces undesired behavior. A vasectomy would keep your cat from siring kittens, but it wouldn’t stop the behavior of fighting, roaming, spraying, and general aggression. It’s far kinder to neuter your cat than to give him a vasectomy or keep him unneutered.