2 questions

  1. My friend just registered and he can access his profile but can’t post. Is there supposed to be a waiting period after you register? I don’t remember.

  2. When he tries to post, he of course gets the screen where 3 possible reasons are given to explain why he can’t log in. The 3rd one reads:

If you are trying to post, to administrator may have disable your account, or it may be awaiting moderation.
Am I just not processing this correctly (not unexpected considering my hangover (BTW NY dopers I had a good time last night, but I’ll elaborate further in MPSIMS)) or does this not make any sense?

Sometimes you get quicker results by e-mailing Tuba directly than by waiting till she gets over to ATMB.

(I shouldn’t try to post while people are yammering at me)

What I mean is, your friend should e-mail Tuba about the problem.

I had problems because I couldn’t access the “confirmation page” (the one that the e-mail says you have to visit after you register). I could access/edit my profile, IIRC, but I couldn’t post until I’d visited this page.

One possible issue, anyway…

Duck Duck Goose said:

Most likely TubaDiva won’t see any of this until Monday. I suspect she’s at The Chicago Blues Festival until it ends, or she drops!

I wonder if he tried the confirmation page. Well, I’ll assume that’s it until I hear otherwise.

Moe, since I don’t know who your friend is, I can’t check the database.

Mostly when people have the problem you’ve mentioned, it’s that they didn’t read or follow the confirmation email; clicking on the hyperlink in the email moves the registration from the holding queue to the member database. That solves both the problems you listed.

Please have your friend email me with their information and I’ll investigate.

your humble TubaDiva

PS No, I didn’t get to attend the Chicago Blues Festival, but I bet it was wonderful. (I got the blues all by myself.)

The problem with the “confirmation link” is that it often breaks up in emailing, especially if it has blanks in it.
Look at the confirmation message and put %20 wherever you see a blank in the link. Then the link should work.

OK, I’ll pass along the info to my buddy.

Incidently Tuba, his username is ZedioxJeb, and I’m sorry to hear about your blues. May they turn to groovin bebop soon.

One other problem is if the password part of the link got separated, the password may be empty.

I tried to get mine to have a blank password, because I hate having to use passwords on my home machine.
But like your friend found out, you can use this to log into the Profile page but can’t post.