2 Yr. Old Taken from Pot-Smoking Parents; Then Killed by Foster Parents

“Joshua Hill’s daughter, Alexandria, was taken from him and his wife in November 2012 because they smoked pot in their Round Rock, Texas, home while their child slept…The toddler was rushed to a hospital last Monday night with severe head injuries…Last Wednesday night, Alexandria was taken off life support and died.”

I suspect there is more to the story than is presented in the linked article.

The poor kids couldnt find a single responsible adult who would properly care for them. This is a sad story.

Are you saying an occasional joint disqualifies a parent from being able to raise a child? (Also, there was just one child).

I’ll bet a hundred dollars the foster parents drink.

My WAG is that the smell of the pot wafted out of the house or they were smoking in the back yard one night and someone called the cops. The ‘more to the story’ may have been that doing drugs with a minor in the house may have been considered endangering her safety. If Child Protective Services got called in the kid may have been pulled out of the house before the parent’s even knew what happened.

Though I take anything from the Daily Mail with a grain of salt,they seem to be the only news report on this that has tried to find an explanation beyond just taking the dad’s report at face value:

I’d say it is misleading to say it’s because of the marijuana in itself. Sounds like she was taken from them due to concerns about neglect and potential danger, which would make more sense.

That’s the kind of “more to the story” I was expecting. Among other areas of practice, I do a fair amount of Guardian ad Litem work in similar situations. Generally, the parents will tell a story similar to that found in the OP’s link, but further investigation will reveal that there was a lot more going on before the children were removed from the home.

Having smoked good weed I can definitely say that if BOTH parents are high then they cannot any more sufficiently care for a child as they could operate a motor vehicle.

Having drunk booze (good and other), I can definitely say the same for alcohol. But if one parent was incapable, for whatever reason, and the other was an alcoholic, I could see child welfare taking the child away. Maybe the have to vet foster parents more closely though.