20,000 Members by Christmas?

Or do some of you think the board will hit that number sooner?

Or maybe later?

This is the place to place your picks.

I figure about 400 by early next year, personally. But time will tell.

It’ll happen sooner or later, without a doubt.

I’d guess that it will happen long before Christmas. We are already at 19300 and it isn’t even December yet.

Better check how numbers are calculated. I seem to be #19,384, but the main page still shows “Registered Members: 19333”

So there’s some discepancy. Not that it matters, I suppose. Whoever gets the magic number will be the luck of the draw. (There’s not a free goose tied in is there? :confused: )

For those scoring at home, I signed up on 10-06-2000.

So the board has doubled in membership in just over a year!