20 Qs: What did I throw through my kitchen window?

So, a few days ago, in a pique of frustration, I threw an item across my kitchen, expecting it to hit the wall (I was kneeling at the time). The trajectory being more upward-bound than I intended, said item accidentally put a hole through my window. So, what did I throw?

Some clues:[ul]
[li]I have never heard of anyone throwing said item and breaking a window before. Furthermore, I have never read about it nor seen it depicted in movies or on TV.[/li][li]It is a normal household item you’d expect to see in a fairly large percentage of households.[/li][li]The radius of the hole created by said projectile was 4-5 inches.[/li][li]The minute my wife heard what I threw, she busted out laughing, and proceeded to tell several of her friends. Everyone who I’ve told has had a similar reaction of humorous merriment.[/ul][/li]
So, let the game of 20 Questions begin! Can you guess the item?

Was it a gadget of some sort (garlic press, etc.)?

Hmm…is it electronic?
(my guess is either a cordless phone or a remote control).

  1. No (and I’ll post to your 8F thread this weekend).
  1. No.

well seeing that you were frustrated and kneeling I am going to ask if it was an item that you would use to clean with

  1. No.

paper towel or dishcloth are my guesses

Was this item alive at the time you threw it?

Would it normally be found in a kitchen?

Yeah, but they wouldn’t break the window.

You say it’s a household item – does that mean it’s not necessarily a kitchen item?

(BTW, I’m leaving for vacation tomorrow, so I won’t see your 8F post till after I’m back.) (Not that that lets you off the hook. :wink: )

  1. No.
  1. No.
  1. Yes. (I’ll say that answers twickster’s 2nd question, too).

Is it a tool?

Is it an item of food?

Was it a food item?

(Currently, I’m guessing “ice cube”, but I’m going to hold off on guessing specifics right now.)

Is it bigger than a bread box?!

A piece of chicken?

Were you kneeling near the sink?

Dude, it left a 4"-5" hole. What size bread do you use in your family?

  1. No.
  1. Yes.
  1. No.
  1. No.

Half-way Point!

  1. No.

Was it frozen?