2000 Cavalier Drive Cycle Codes?

We are having a problem with my daughters 2000 Chevy Cavalier.

We bought the car from a friend. He said he put some type of emissions or fuel part on it. He said the car needed to be driven around quite a bit for the drive codes to reset. She drove it around for three weeks and took it back for him to scan. He said some of the codes were reset but that it still needed to be driven long distances of 20 miles or more and to do so several times. He said basically to drive it for 20 miles at 55 MPH and then stop and let the car sit and then repeat this at least three or four times over several days.

In the mean time the 30 tag expired. We had to take it to the e-check station and get a rejected e-check to get another 30 day tag. The e-check place told us they could not perform the e-check as none of the codes were showing up. They gave us a waiver so we could get another 30 day tag. They told us to do two things. Drive it around a lot and to not hook it up to the scanner again. They said the scanner will clear all the codes and you have to start over again.

She can take it back to the e-check every couple days for free to see if t he codes are reset. She did that yesterday and they still can not read the codes. The guy there suggested she get the drive cycle codes from a Chevy dealer. I have looked on the internet and I can not seem to find anything other than other people having the same problem with the codes and the “just drive it around” suggestion.

Any one have any other ideas on what to do or how to get the “drive codes”? I assume the drive codes are a sequence of driving to get the codes to reset? We only have three more weeks until the next thirty tag expires. She drives the car almost everyday but not very long distances but last weekend I used it for a 50 mile round trip with it sitting at least 15 minutes before the trip home and that did not seem to help in the codes reset.