Stupid car anit-theft device problem

I’ve got a really stupid, but possibly quite major problem I’m hoping someone here might be able to help me with.

I bought my '95 Chevy cavalier used complete with one of those anti-theft touch number pads which I never use. When set, it requires a code before it will allow the car to start. Last night as I pulled into my driveway I noticed all the numbers on the pad blinking in unusual ways. Suspicious that something might be malfuntioning I shut the car off, then immediately tried to start it again and of course the device was active and preventing the car from starting. I punched the code in and the appropriate number on the pad lit up green to tell me the code went through but still the car would not start.

This morning I disconnected the battery to see if I could get the device to reset which it seemed to do (i.e. when reconnected the light on the number pad lit red). I put in the code and it turned green but still the car won’t start.

I spoke to my mechanic who suggested I try to tap the starter while someone starts it just to rule that out as the problem, which I did to no success. So I’m convinced it’s the number pad stupid thingy.

Is there anything I can do myself to deal with this? As it is an anti-theft device, and me being not a very good thief, I’m sure that it is perhaps well beyond my capabilities to disable. But, I figured I’d try here first anyway. Otherwise I have to have it towed and dealt with by the mechanic by tomorrow the earliest which means time and money, not to mention I was supposed to start training at a new job today.

Any advice at all?