2001 back in theaters

It’s at my local IMAX next week so I assume it’s in other theaters.

Well, Zoolander wasn’t bad…

I seem to be stuck in 1974.

Wow. I had to look that one up because I couldn’t believe it.
Thanks for the tip, Bijou Drains

Lol! Zoolander wasn’t an awful film, but I think the OP is referring to 2001: A Space Odyssey. The Blu Ray is excellent if you can’t make it to see the film at the cinema.

I know.

Very lucky.

Would love to see it in IMAX.

Thanks for the heads-up!

I saw it twice in Cinerama when it opened, and it was great.
And I second the Blu Ray recommendation. It’s the only Blu Ray disk I own. All the features are the same as on the latest DVD though.

Thank you so much for the heads up, Bijou. I went to see it on an IMAX screen today, and really enjoyed it. I think it’s one of those movies that needs to be seen on a big screen, and with a good, loud sound system. Watching it on a TV would be little better than having someone read a description of it to you.

I’m seeing it Wed. Dammed near top of the line IMAX theatre–laser lamphouses and ‘butt kickers’ under every seat.

Yes, I saw it at the IMAX at Navy Pier in Chicago this past Friday. It’s a real IMAX (as opposed to, “the screen is a little bigger than our other screens, so we’ll call it an ‘IMAX’ and charge more” scam that other theaters do) and it was glorious. Even better, the Navy Pier IMAX has been taken over by AMC, so I was able to use an A*List pass on it.

I’ve seen 2001 many many times, always in the theater (I can’t imagine watching it on a small screen) including when it was first released, but this viewing was the best one of all. They even had the long musical intro to a black screen, an intermission (with no music, unfortunately), and a long musical outro to a black screen. It’s a long movie even without the intro/outro/intermission, but the time seemed to fly by. It’s an experience.

I forgot to mention, the movie started promptly, I don’t know if there were any trailers, I walked in just a minute or two after the scheduled time, and it was just starting. I’ve become used to 20+ minutes of trailers and ads and wasn’t in a hurry.

Equipoise, my friend calls those just slightly bigger screens Lie-MAX.

Yellow Submarine is also being re-released for its fiftieth anniversary.

In my case today, the movie did not start promptly–some kind of problem in the projection booth. So the three of us in the audience had to wait for 35 minutes or so. On the upside they comped us a free pass to any future showing of any movie. Really neat seeing it on the big screen with a nice sound system. The effects stand up quite well and it’s sure nice to see a movie without huge explosions for a change.

it was great in IMAX and there were also no trailers here. If you have not seen it in a theater go now while you have a chance . 100x better than on TV no matter how big your TV is.

Saw it last night. Thank you for the heads up, otherwise I probably would have missed it! It was quite an experience. I never realized how quiet most of the movie was. (Unfortunately that meant I could hear muffled explosions from other movies playing, but just barely.)

In our theater it’s only playing till tomorrow matinee. If you’ve been meaning to see it, you’d better hurry!

i saw a six-track Dolby 70mm re-print of it somewhere in the late 80s in a full-sized, un-twinned, pre-multiplex theater with a THX sound system. Blacks were black, silent spots were silent to the point of “is that his heartbeat or mine?” Just gorgeous, with credit due to the professional projectionist who made sure everything was perfect.

And now they’ve gone back to the camera negatives to restore it? Is it being shown in 70mm, or is it 4k?

70mm prints were roadshowed around, to the few places that still have 70mm projectors. A digital print was made from the masters, saw it in IMAX today, yes, there was film grain and the sound was great. Color was fine, some chromatic aberration but for something shot over 50 years ago, it wasn’t bad. Film stock back then was nothing like that they have to work with today, but the larger image area made up for most of it.

I saw it today. It was nice to see it one last time. Thanks again for the reminder.

The only trouble was that in my theater the volume was rock-concert, chest-vibrating loud! I had to stick my fingers in my ears throughout the stargate sequence.