2001 Honda Odyssey 3rd Clutch Pressure switch

So my check engine light came on. I go to a place to run a diagnostic and it pulls up P1739. I do some research and I find it’s pointing to my 3rd Clutch pressure switch. Nothing I’ve found says anything about someone replacing it and going on their merry little way.

Can’t I just replace the switch, which may be going out, and that solve my problem? I called the local Honda dealership and they want me to come in so they can charge anywhere up to $80 to tell me what I already know. Any advice or knowledge on the subject is greatly appreciated.

Maybe. If there are no other symptoms (including other codes), then there’s a reasonable chance that it is a faulty switch. Just keep in mind it’s not a sure bet. While it’s not particularly likely, it’s possible that faulty wiring or a faulty computer code generate the code.

In fairness, keep in mind that it’s not something that THEY already know. If they endeavor to evaluate and repair your problem, they take on a responsibility, and they would be damn fools to take a chance that maybe the info they get from someone else is flawed or incomplete (and yes, it does happen).

Also consider the value of testing the circuit and the switch (which may or may not be included in the 80 you mention). If there’s a problem other than in the switch, it may cost less to find that out through testing than to find out by replacing the switch.

Thank you Gary,
I didn’t think of it that way. There was another code that pulled up for the catalytic converter. The vehicle has been sounding a bit louder while driving between 30 to 60 mph, but no shifting problems. I thought it was something vibrating on the vehicle since it would sound normal once I hit 65 mph.