2001st post party - you know the music!

Cue up Also Sprach Zarathustra on the stereo, and be overwhelmed by the grandeur of the event! :smiley:

Yes, folks, this is my 2001st post, and once the 2001 music is done with, we’ll put on the dance tapes and boogie down! There are ribs and barbecued chicken on the grill on the patio in back, beer, sweet tea, soda, and your choice of mixed drinks in the bar, and the pool and hot tub are just off the patio. Past the pool is a grassy field for frisbee-throwing, water fights, and what have you. Join in the merriment!

And, of course, the party will continue this weekend in Norfolk! :wink:

Hey, I’m always down with a little Strauss. When we’re done here, I’d like to get in on the “what have you”. S’alright? :wink:

Happy 2k+1 RT! Keep up the good work.

Thanks, Demo!

You can speed up the ‘what have you’ by talking psycat into enjoying the hot tub. Bathing suits purely optional, of course! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are the vegetarians always dissed? :frowning:

Happy 2001st post, RTFirefly. What’s that big black monolith in your back yard? It’s making funny sounds.

mmmmm hot tub. Happy 2001 RT!! Here’s to many more! I think I better keep the suit on, though, for now at least. If Demo and I happen to be unaccounted for in a bit, don’t come looking for us. :slight_smile:

Happy 2001 RTFirefly! Now… someone point me to the bar! :slight_smile:

Congrats RTF, you keep up the good work. Your posts are always a pleasure to read. Here’s to the next 1000.

Congratulations, RT. Here’s to your next 2001…may they be as uniformly excellent. A pleasure to have you on our board. :slight_smile:

OK, enough schmaltz. Where’s the beer?

Right here, Gaudere! Want some of that pour-on-pancakes stuff, or would a Bass Ale suit you?

Thanks, ultress, rockstar, psycat - and if you and Demo are missing at the same time, we won’t send out a search party! :wink:

And Arnold, I’ve been meaning to do something about that monolith for the longest time, but everytime I do, my brain gets fuzzy and I wind up thinking about something else all of a sudden.

Maybe next year…:slight_smile:


Monolith = Bong hit?

RT! You bad boy!


WTG, RT! (I just feel important when I use mysterious initials instead of words!) BTW, where are those pictures of our secret “one-on-one” (plus one wife) Dopefest? Wait! There was no film in that camera, was there? You sneaky guy!

No Millenium bug problems mate?

Congrats and here’s to many more.

shares a quick drink before hitting the field for a bit of physical activity

Where’s that frisbee…?

I just passed two hundred. Can I squeeze into the hot tub betwixt a couple of ladies?

"Dave?.. What do you think you’re doing? Dave?..

I’m afraid Dave… I’m afraid."

evilbeth - thanks for reminding me. I tend to be slow in getting my pix developed, and this was no exception: it was late July before I had them back. Then the monolith wiped the images from the film and the negatives.

After I get back from Norfolk’n’way, I’ll scan them in and email them to you. Sorry I’m such a slacker! :wink:

Joey - make yourself comfortable! :stuck_out_tongue:

dpr - Frisbee headed your way, think fast! :smiley:

“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, doooooo…