2003 toyota matrix listed for $39K?

I was looking up the value on my car, which is a 2003 Toyota Matrix. 2003 happens to be the introductory year for the Matrix, and in my own case, I bought it in the spring of 2002.

Checking autotrader, I saw a red 2003 with mileage just a tad lower than mine (38,000 vs my 41,000 - I live in LA but I work at home) listed for $39,000! I have emailed the seller, I’m hoping to get an answer directly, but I was wondering if anyone knew of any reason that it would be listed for such a high price? Assuming it isn’t an error (like it’s actually a 2008), the only thing I could think of was that it has the same things going for it that my car does: it’s the first year they were made, one owner, and very low miles. Cuz hell, if I can sell it for the big bucks (I’m sure not) I’m happy to do so. Like I said, i don’t drive much, I’d be happy to take the cash and buy a lesser car!

I’m sure it’s a fluke, still curious though.

(Normal value ranges from $7500-9500; Toyota rules.)

The price has to be an error, or the seller is an idiot (or really smart). The car isnt worth 1/4 that unless it’s in pristine condition (then its still only worth 1/4) that.